Best Thing About Marathon Kayak Pogies – They Stay Open

  • Light Pogies Marathon, easy on and easy off pogies for kayaking in cold weather

A Light, Low Profile Pogie for Kayaking

That’s a cold photo above.  The air is just about 50F degrees and the ice has been gone for awhile but nights are still below freezing.  It’s perfect weather for these lighter pogies.  Called Marathon Pogies, because they are designed for easy on and off for quick portages and also for flexibility as conditions change during a long race.   The best thing about them is they stay open, the nylon has a stiff shape so they don’t collapse when empty.  Nylon also means they won’t absorb any water and paddle shaft stays dry.  The toasty black color warms up in the sun.  These are great for days that aren’t too frosty but where you need a little warmth – Best Above 40F/4.5C degrees.  Mid-race or training session you can just slide them in towards the middle of the paddle and they’ll stay put and stay open until you need them again. These marathon kayak pogies are very light.  They weigh about 33 grams, same as 7 US nickels.

Our Nylon Pogies for Kayaking and Canoe Sprint

Kayak Marathon

Light-weight, low-profile pogie is the Kayak Marathon version for quick portage transitions.  But you don’t have to do a marathon, it’s a versatile pogie for any cool weather paddler who wants protection and easy transitions.

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Braca Standard Pogie, lighweight ballistic nylon sleeve covers about 9 inches from shaft

Standard Kayak

Similar construction to the Marathon Pogie but with a longer sleeve for more warmth.  Won’t stay puffed open like the Marathon version, more warmth, same light construction ballistic nylon.

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Canoe pogies, Braca pogies designed for canoe sprint, top hand mitt and a velcroed shaft mitt

Canoe Pogie

Canoe pogies, Braca pogies designed for canoe sprint, top hand mitt and a velcroed shaft mitt. Material is water resistant and light, for moderately cool water and wind conditions

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Pogie Gift Box

These Marathon Pogies were a surprise hit.  People bought them as presents for paddlers during the holidays.

Light and warm, easy on , easy off kayak pogies