An Exciting New Surfski Design – the Nelo Vanquish Surfski

About the New Design – Near 560 Speed with Near 550 Stability

Normally balance and speed are inversely related: the fastest boat is also the most unstable. Our challenge was to have a racing boat that was as fast as the 560 surfski but as stable as the 550 surfski. And that is how the Vanquish was born! The Vanquish has some extra volume on the back in the shape of chines, and that support makes it super stable and incredibly easy to steer. All it takes is soft touches of the direction pedals giving it very precise control in every single wave. At the same time, the lift created by the hull design keeps the wet surface similar to the 560. The Vanquish is made for all those paddlers looking for extra speed and competitiveness but who are not ready for the pure racer 560.

Vanquish Ski Specifications

VANQUISH is the new ski model between the 550 and 560. Vanquish skis are available in WWR, SCS, and AIR. AIR is a new Ultra lightweight choice for surfski construction and is available for all models, 520 to 560!

  • The Vanquish surfski is 560 cm length and 0.45cm width.
  • Available in 3 different sizes: ML (<75Kg), L (75-90Kg) and XXL (>95Kg).
New Nelo Vanquish Ski

About AIR Construction

AIR is an SCS build that prioritizes weight.   To achieve lighter weight, thinner gelcoat is applied so not as cosmetically perfect as WWR and SCS, and only offered in 5 solid colors: White, Blue, Red, Pink and Light Green.  No additional gelcoat graphics.  Customers have been applying personalized vinyl graphics as desired, like Oscars’ white boat below.  The mold joint of the air constructed boat is covered with a  black Kevlar tape seam rather than a heavier full gelcoat fill. All these changes make an incredible 8.5 kg (18.5 lb) boat!

Nelo Boat Constructions

The Vanquish Ski is available in WWR – 4 , SCS – 7 surfski constructions as well as the new AIR lightweight surfski construction.

Nelo Vanquish Ski Images with AIR Construction

These images show the Vanquish Ski in AIR construction, ultra-lightweight and minimal gel-coat, paint, with black Kevlar tape tape cover the mold line. This is the white boat that will arrive solid white, no graphics. 5 Colors available: White, Pink, Red, Blue, Lt Green. No multi-color or graphics are available. Decals can be added by you to customize your ski as Oscar has done here. Vanquish Ski in AIR construction is especially suited for high performance in all conditions.

New Vanquish Ski from Nelo AIR construction
New Vanquish Ski from Nelo AIR construction
New Vanquish Ski from Nelo AIR construction

Vanquish Ski Images

These images show the hull shape of the Vanquish Ski, the design has a reverse concavity and a chine that begins behind seat and extends to back of hull.

New Vanquish Ski from Nelo
New Vanquish Ski from Nelo
New Vanquish Ski from Nelo

Oscar’s Nelo Vanquish AIR Review

Surfski Comparisons – All the Nelo Models

Nelo is an innovator in the surfski world! Nelo is always bringing something new to the surfski world from hull design to new construction techniques. Nelo has a full complement of skis, from recreational to elite, and state of the art construction in their factory in Portugal. For info on Surfski Paddle options.

Read more about each model : 510 | 520 | 540 | 550 | Vanquish | 560

Nelo surfski comparison chart, 510, 520, 540, 550, Vanquish, 560

Constructions Available for Nelo Vanquish Ski


Carbon/Kevlar Epoxy Vacuum

This construction is designed for river descents, marathon training, fitness paddling, and sea competition.

WWR’s main features are stiffness and impact resistance.

12.5 kg (+-.5 kg) / 27.5lb (+-1lb)


Solid Composite System

Construction with an excellent performance level because of it’s extreme stiffness. Those features are possible because of the high-technology that we use in the molding of composites.

Ideal for high-competition. This construction also stands out for the extras, such as weights and a cover for the boat, and also the possibility of customizing the painting (not included in the price of the boat).

11 kg (+-.5 kg) / 24lbs (+- 1lb)


Ultra Lightweight

AIR is a lightweight SCS construction of aprox 8.5 kg/18.8 lbs. Minimal non-perfect gelcoat applied to meet racing weight. AIR surfskis have a black kevlar tape seam. 5 Colors available: White, Pink, Red, Blue, Lt Green.  No multi-color or graphics are available. It’s especially suited for high performance in all conditions.

8.5 kg / 18.75lbs