Boat Description

Used Huki S1-XL

Fantastic California Vibe Colors!

Huki S1-XL – Vacuum Molded Fiberglass with Carbon Cockpit. With Carbon Gull Wing. Located in greater Boston, MA. $2,150.

Huki Description

The Huki S1-XL is a Wide Version of the S1-X Special for those paddlers who need a little extra secondary stability in rough water, or need a little extra volume for any reason. She is an 18-inch wide modification of the S1-X Special. We added one inch extra ‘beam’ (width) to create the new more stable design. We added beam beginning at the mid-cockpit and ending at the rudder. We carefully kept nearly all the added volume above the waterline to reduce any effect on speed. The result is a great surfski for intermediate paddlers who need a notch more stability in rough water without any loss of speed, and no measurable loss of speed for intermediate paddlers on glassy water.

Note from Chris C: “I never used the gull wing, the attachment bracket was modified by the previous owner, but appears to still work fine.”

Chris Chappell Racing the S1-XL

Racing in the Lighthouse to Lighthouse ocean race!


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