Boat Description

For paddlers looking for a K1 style fitness boat with the seaworthiness and remounting of a surfski.

The Viper surfski combines the best of both worlds, K1 paddling angle with the remountability of a surfski.  The Viper 46 is one of our most popular K1/Fitness kayaks so we chose that size for the Viper Ski. The Viper 46 Ski is a versatile boat, comfortable in flat to bumpy to choppy ocean paddling. With a 4 stability level and K1 styling, this is primarily a flatwater fitness boat.  With the extra protection of remounting, more experienced paddlers could venture into larger, choppier water than they might for a standard K1.

  • Blue boat with yellow top half
  • WWR Surfski
  • XXL 46 cm width
  • Fitness kayak design with remountability of surfski




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