Boat Description

Nelo 540 L Surfski in Nautical Classic White and Blue, Crisp!

A stable ski for touring and racing with lively acceleration.

The 540 is a brand-new ski model for adventurous paddlers who still want the stability of the 520 but with more acceleration.

The brand new 540 bridges the gap between our most stable surfskis and our fastest surfskis. While almost as stable as the 520, but with a speed boost, it is a perfect way to gain entry into performance surfski paddling and racing. Experienced paddlers will appreciate the ability to retain a sleek, but more stable hull, for cold weather paddling and unpredictable water conditions.

Size L, this ski fits most paddlers!

With newly improved side handles, the 540 is easy to handle and transport.

Surfski size chart with wider weight capacity

Nelo Surfski Sizes (lbs)

Nelo 540 L in classic, bright, nautical white and blue!

Maximize Power with Carbon Footplate and Pullbar!

The Nelo carbon footplate upgrade is included with this surfski! This ski is outfitted with the Nelo carbon footplate with a solid carbon pull bar which lets you maximize your power with each stroke. The footplate can be adjusted for angle and also rapidly adjusted for length. The carbon pull bar includes a neoprene sleeve as shown.

Nelo carbon Footplate for surfski

Front View

Your footplate is the most important contact point with your boat

Details of Nelo Carbon footplate


Metal ring for immediate depth adjustment for leg length

Nelo carbon Footplate for surfski

Side View

Nelo Carbon footplate with solid pull bar and neoprene sleeve


White RAL 9016

Blue ITA 5005


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