Boat Description

Brand New Nelo Sete size M (60-70kg, 133-155lbs),

  • E Construction.  Nelo’s top Marathon construction.  Super stiff and light at 7.54kg (16.6lbs).  Improved cockpit and rim construction over previous models.
  • Tiller Bar with nylon pull strap.
  • Marathon rudder, stainless steel rudder lines and upgraded rudder yoke to handle SS lines.
  • All Carbon Marathon seat.  Can swap out for Nelo seat (High Back) if desired.
  • Includes lightweight breathable red Nelo boat cover.
  • The list Price is $4,520 and with a 6-9 month wait.  
  • Located at Speedboard USA, greater Boston area.

Also, a Sete (White, black) Large,  F construction arriving in early summer. Nelo L F for sale 


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