Boat Description

Nelo Surfski For Sale – 540 L White WWR

The 540 is a brand new ski model for adventurous paddlers who still want the stability of the 520 but with more acceleration.

The 540 is Nelo’s newest surfski model. The 540 bridges the gap between the most stable surfski (520) and the faster performance skis (550). The 540 has the lively responsiveness of all Nelo skis.  It also has a narrow catch so paddlers can use an efficient forward stroke/angle. While almost as stable as the 520, but with a speed boost, it is a perfect way to gain entry into surfski paddling.  A great fit for experienced paddlers looking for speed, balance in small waves, and easy transport.

  • All White boat
  • WWR Construction
  • Add custom graphic stripes
Nelo Surfski Comparison Chart




Arrive April