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Nelo Surfski for Sale – 540 L WWR

The 540 is a brand new ski model for adventurous paddlers who still want the fun and agility of the 550 and 560 but the stability of the 520.  A stable ski with more acceleration than a recreational type surfski.

The brand new 540 bridges the gap between our most stable surfski and our fastest surfskis. While almost as stable as the 520, but with a speed boost, it is a perfect way to gain entry into surfski paddling.  A great fit for experienced paddlers looking for confidence in all conditions. The 540 provides speed, exceptional balance in small waves, and easy transport.

surfski for sale, Nelo 540 - by
surfski for sale, Nelo 540 - by
  • Blue Italy Color
  • WWR Construction
  • Yellow Stripe


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