Boat Description

Chris Chappell testing out Viper 46 XXL
SCS Viper 46 XXL for sale - a fitness and racing kayak with stability, 46 cm beam

We typically order Vipers’ in F Construction, which is a great price/performance option. By mistake, this one was ordered in performance SCS which is typically desired by elite athletes racing at very high levels due to slightly stiffer construction than the F version. I have paddled this boat a couple of times for a photoshoot, and it is really nice to paddle, and construction feels excellent. It is in new condition, and we have reduced to $3,995 – just $500 over the price of ordering a new F Construction. Inquire for more pictures.

The Viper 46 is the Viper that combines a more traditional racing K1 shape, with a Fitness boat. With a max width of 46 cm and 520 cm in length, the 46 will be the boat for any athlete looking for a versatile K1 or a more challenging fitness boat.

  • SCS construction beautifully made boat! Nelo’s highest-end construction – stiff and light
  • Blue Italy Color, Yellow stripe
  • Includes Nelo “Light Fabric” red mesh cover
  • XXL Version for over 80kg (176lbs). Chris is 95kg (210lbs) in the pic above. You can see the boat floats me well.


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