Nelo Standard Colors and Graphics – Some examples

Examples of some of the boats we have ordered – to help you see some of the different colors on an actual boat.

Black (9004)

Dark Blue (5013)

Blue Italy (5005)

Sky Blue (5023)

Blue (5015)

Bordeux (3003)

White (9016)

Cream (1015)

Gray (7030)

Graphite Gray (7024)

Gray Reflect (7004)

Green Hungary (6019)

Green Portugal (6029)

Light Green (6018)

Green Cinco (G5)

Green (6020)

Pink (4010)

Purple (4006)

Red (3020)

Red Cinco (R5)

Orange (2004)

Dark Yellow (1023)

Yellow (1016)

Yellow Cinco (1018,Y4)

Visibility Lines and Arrows

Yellow Visibility

Orange Visibility

Color Info

The Nelo colors above are represented by their Nelo design name and the standardized RAL color code.