Nelo Kayaks Now Available!

Surfskis, Sete K1, Viper K1 Fitness

Great News! Nelo kayaks which includes K1 Sete, Vipers and Surfskis, are now available from FastPaddler for the Northeast USA. Check out our boat pages and contact us for more information.

Next Container Arriving: March 2023

The Sete is Nelo’s newest K1 design, this is a racing kayak for elite and professional paddlers. Several new sizes are available so that athletes are better matched to their boat size. The Sete takes the best parts of the Cinco with additional improvements for speed and athlete sizes.

  • A new design that stays closer to the optimum trim for longer and reduces the pitch and heading amplitude. The new shape also allows for a more rigid boat to be made.
  • Similar top speed, when compared with Cinco, but with an improved speed loss curve, resulting in a more efficient boat.
  • Upgraded stiffness with new material Unidirectional Carbon as structural reinforcement. Carbon rim adds rigidity and lightness.

Nelo Vipers are a line of fitness boats that are similar to Sete but wider and flatter, so more stable. You still get the great angle of the seat to footrest that is desired but with a more stable experience. Vipers have a narrow bow allowing for excellent catch dynamics. A great way to perfect forward stroke and work on technique, these are some of Nelo’s most popular boats.

Surfskis – the new design has more speed and more stability. You’ll find that you sit a bit deeper in the water but the seat-to-foot angle is preserved. These are receiving great reviews, the 540, 550, 560 have been tried here at FastPaddler, and with customers, and are fantastic boats. Surfskis have multiple buckets sizes, ML, L, XXL, each size providing more volume to support the increasing size. The new 540 is the most stable of the high-performance skis, bridging the gap between the 520 and 550. It behaves like a top-of-the-line racing ski.

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