Speedboard SUP and Outriggers – Built by Nelo

Speedboard SUP

In 2018 SPEEDBOARD reached an agreement with NELO to combine our designs with their incredible ability to produce Olympic quality Carbon fiber watercraft. NELO is the number one company in the world producing Olympic and World Championship racing canoes and kayaks. The NELO factory in Portugal is certainly the finest watercraft production facility on the planet.

Now all Speedboards are built by NELO and set the standard in the world for lightweight, fast, durable SUP. By eliminating the use of Polystyrene (EPS) cores, we dramatically lessen our environmental impact.

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The Speeder Grande (GS)

Sizes available:  GS 24 26 28 Inch

The Speeder Grande (GS) is a design with big water in mind. Its obvious bow rocker and forward volume will keep this board in perfect harmony in big open water paddling and downwind excellence. Drawing upon naturally occurring curves found in sea life, this board exudes an at-home nature in open ocean and bays. Its deeper cutout style provides amazing rigidity in form that translates into forward speed under any condition. Ocean training or big water racing are all in the design sweet spot of this incredible board. The Grande comes in 24in, 26in and 28in widths. It is a fully cored Carbon sandwich, vacuum bagged and oven cured structure and available in standard or custom colors.

The Speeder Sprint (SS)

Sizes available: SS 21, 23, 25 Inch

The Speeder Sprint (SS) is a design tailored for the ultimate performance pace. It will excel in flats and low to moderate chop with good downwind performance. The low standing deck enhances balance and the board is available in 21in, 23in, and 25in widths. Construction is a fully cored Carbon sandwich, vacuum bagged, oven cured structure, and available in standard or custom colors. Whether you are looking for an awesome 200-meter race rocket or a ten-mile fitness trainer, this is your board.

OC -1

Nelo OC 1
Nelo OC 1

Excel means stand out, transcend, outclass from…

The main feature of this model is its smaller rocker (the hull’s banana curvature) that makes the bow cut through the water from the beginning of the hull. The result is a very fast canoe in standing water conditions, and being 6 meters long it has an amazing performance between the waves on downwinds.



  • Ama: Glides over the surface all the timedue to its flat hull
  • Cockpit close to bow.
  • Fittings: front and rear straps, black anodized aluminium iakos, leash strap and extra seaweed rudder.


Weight Detail

SCS Canoe – 10kg | Ama – 1.8kg | Iakos – 1.2kg   WWR Canoe – 13kg | Ama – 2.2kg | Iakos – 1.2kg

 Boat: 6 x 0.40 m

 Stability: 8

L  for Athletes: < 85 Kg |  XXL for Athletes >85 Kg

Constructions | 4-WWR, 16.4 Kg | 7-SCS, 13 Kg