Nelo Surfski Sizes

Nelo is a world-renowned manufacturer of surfskis, and their boats are known for their speed, stability, and durability. Nelo offers a wide range of surfskis to choose from, each with its own unique set of features and specifications. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a Nelo surfski is size. Nelo offers its surfskis in three different sizes: ML, L, and XXL. Nelo surfskis do not just have different size buckets, the hull volume also increases, these surfski are designed to fit and float you perfectly.

Nelo Bucket Sizes and Weight Capacity

Nelo is the only company that makes surfskis in sizes. All carbon skis are available in ML, L and XXL. The specs that increase with size are boat width, bucket size, and volume. While weight is one aspect of selecting a size, hip-width, leg length/inseam, and skill level are also important. Given all these factors, and our experience fitting boats, our chart shows a lot of overlap to help determine boat size.

ML – under 170 lbs (77kg)
L – 150 to 200 lbs (68 to 90 kg)
XXL – over 180 lbs (82 kg)

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Nelo surfski sizes chart ML L XXL

ML – Lightweight Nelo Surfski for Light and Lean

The Nelo surfski ML is a lightweight surfski with a hull design for paddlers who weigh below about 170 pounds. It is a good choice for smaller, leaner paddlers who find typical surfski buckets too large. The footplate is a bit closer than in the other sizes (2022 and later models), Nelo buckets tend to run long, so that’s a great feature for people with a shorter inseam.

L – Nelo Surfski for Most Paddlers

The Nelo surfski L size is designed for paddlers who weigh between 150 and 200 pounds. The L size is a good choice for typical-size paddlers and because it encompasses a large range, most people fit well in the L. Smaller athletes with hip measurements that would make the ML a tight fit do perfectly with the L.

XXL – Nelo Surfski for Larger Paddlers

The Nelo surfski XXL size is designed for paddlers who weigh over 180 pounds. The extra volume is appreciated by these larger built and heavier weight paddlers.

Choosing the Right Nelo Surfski Size

The best way to choose the right size Nelo surfski is to consider your weight, inseam, hip-width, paddling style, and the conditions you will be paddling in.

Compare All Three Sizes of Nelo Surfski

These are the three surfski sizes in the Nelo 550, from left to right – XXL, L, ML. The size difference is subtle enough that it’s tough to capture in a photo but in real life they are easy to distinguish. The bows have obvious increase in volume and buckets clearly larger. The ML footplate is closer.

XXL – Blue/Yellow
L – Blue/white
ML – Orange

Nelo bucket sizes

Size differences in XXL, L, ML surfskis

Info about Nelo surfski sizes ML, L, XXL

Nelo 550 XXL, L, ML

Left to right, XXL, L, ML