Braca-sport pogies are the best around for kayak and canoe paddling.  Braca pogies come in two models for kayaking and one version for canoe sprint.

  • The First Pogie We Use When the Weather Changes!

    This wrist-length pogie was designed for easy on/off at portages which also makes it a great all-around cool weather pogie. Excellent for above 40F/4.5C degrees, when hands may even warm up eventually, but you still want to block cool wind or water. Designed with a low profile, so they stay open and allow direct content with a paddle shaft.  You can use gloves with both of our pogies styles.

    Braca also makes a Standard Kayak Pogie, ballistic nylon, with a longer sleeve that goes midway up the forearm for more warmth.

  • Lightweight for Canoe

    Braca quality is apparent in these canoe pogies designed especially for canoe. Canoe pogies are designed for maximum dexterity by allowing direct hand contact with a paddle. The set has a pogie for the handle hand and a pogie for the shaft hand. The material is ballistic nylon, lightweight and water resistant.  These are the lightest form of cold weather protection.
  • Lightweight Kayak Pogies for Paddle Control and Cold Weather Protection

    Brača-Sport Kayak Pogies are designed to allow direct contact with a paddle while kayaking.  The Standard Pogie is made from lightweight ballistic nylon with a velcro shaft flap.  The sleeve covers about 1/2 of the lower arm, running 9 inches from knuckles to opening. The sleeve is loose enough to wear gloves with pogies. Brača-Sport Pogies provide water and wind protection for your hands while still allowing direct hand contact with your paddle. Braca also makes a Low Profile Kayak Pogie with a shorter wrist-length sleeve for lighter coverage.
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