Braca IV Surf Ski


Braca IV Surf Ski blades have a special reinforcement in the most stressed areas, which makes them suitable for paddling in the surf zone. When paddling on big waves, these blades have to withstand reverse forces when stabilizing or paddling backwards.

Surf Ski paddling requires a softer but more durable shaft, which has to be light at the same time. We developed the 19K shaft especially for this purpose, which is available in two stiffnesses (medium and soft – FastPaddler currently stocks SOFT). We recommend a stiffer shaft for bigger blades but any combination is possible. See the shaft stiffness measurement procedure and parameter table below.

Braca IV Surf Ski Inventory – ALL 19K (soft) Shafts with your selection of Surf Ski Blade

Please contact us for fixed length/angle shaft (at lower price but generally not suited for surf paddlers) or other paddle configurations.  


For the 19K shaft - enter a 10 cm range, for example 207-217 cm. You can also enter DO NOT ASSEMBLE.
Write DO NOT ASSEMBLE and any pre-cut length above
You're saving $25 off by purchasing with paddle (reg price $75)


Braca kayak paddle adjustment system

All Braca IV Surf Ski paddles are available with an Adjustable Shaft System using the 19K shaft. This allows elegant adjustment of overall paddle length (within 10cm range) and blade angle from 0° to 80° right or left in 5° increments. The system also allows you to disassemble the paddle into two parts for easy transportation.

Available Options and Technical Parameters:
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BladeShaftCarbon contentTotal
Surface area
Brača IV 765
Surf Ski
(old size: max)





Brača IV 735
Surf Ski
(old size: min)
Brača IV 705
Surf Ski
(old size: s-min)
New paddle modelBrača IV 670
Surf Ski
Brača IV 635
Surf Ski
(old size: xs-min)

Shafts, Maintenance

Shaft Stiffness

Paddles and Shaft Stiffness

For most Braca paddles you can also choose the stiffness of the shaft. The tables show shaft stiffness recommendations according to blade size. We recommend a stiffer shaft for bigger blades but any combination is possible. If you are stronger than average you may need a stiffer shaft. We recommend stiffer shafts for short, sprint distances and softer shafts for longer, marathon distances.

Canoe paddles have 21 different shaft models with stiffness between 1.2 (stiff) and 4.8 (soft). Kayak paddles can be ordered with 24 types of shafts with a 1.8 (stiff) and 4.9 (soft) stiffness range.

See the shaft stiffness measurement procedure and parameter table below. Shaft stiffness is a deflection measurement. The stiffness # is the deflection in mm using a 10kg weight. A higher stiffness number means a softer shaft.

Braca paddle shaft stiffness, How deflection is measured



Follow these instructions to keep your carbon paddles and adjusters in working order.  These instructions are especially important to prevent adjusters from becoming damaged or frozen in a locked position.
  • If used in salt water conditions, the adjuster, shaft, and paddle should be thoroughly rinsed in fresh water immediately after use.
  • If used in fresh water conditions, the paddle and adjuster should be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned every two weeks.
  • Store your adjustable paddle disassembled if not used for more than two weeks!
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