Bracsa VIII Max/799


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Innovative Tear-drop Model

Bracsa VIII Max/799 is based on an innovative blade concept in the tear-drop family. It was designed and engineered to facilitate a softer catch and the generation of smooth, precise, and consistent strokes. The Bracsa VIII makes an ideal first wing paddle for sea kayakers due to the soft catch and more forgiving forward stroke posture.  We also have other Bracsa VIII sizes available!

The Bracsa VIII Max/799 style is as pictured (previous logo, same VIII design shape) with current shafts. All our Bracsa VIII have newest model shafts with the high-quality metal connector as pictured left.


2 in stock

Enter 5 cm adjustable length. You can use any custom length (For example: 210-215 cm or 207-212 cm)
19K Shaft has 10 cm adjustability so please enter a 10 cm length instead of 5 cm.
You're saving $25 off by purchasing with paddle (reg price $75)


Carbon Wing Paddle with Innovative Tear Drop Shape

Braca kayak paddle adjustment system

All Bracsa VIII paddles are available with an Adjustable Shaft System. This allows elegant adjustment of overall paddle length (within 5cm range) and blade angle from 0° to 80° right or left in 5° increments. The system also allows you to disassemble the paddle into two parts for easy transportation.


Available Options and Technical Parameters:
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BladeShaftCarbon contentTotal
Surface area
Brača VIII 837
(old size: x-max)
Brača VIII 799
(old size: max)
Brača VIII 767
(old size: min)

* Recommended stiffness. We recommend stiffer shafts for bigger blades but any combination is possible.

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