Low Profile Pogies


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The First Pogie We Use When the Weather Changes!

This wrist-length pogie was designed for easy on/off at portages which also makes it a great all-around cool weather pogie. Excellent for above 40F/4.5C degrees, when hands may even warm up eventually, but you still want to block cool wind or water. Designed with a low profile, so they stay open and allow direct content with a paddle shaft.  You can use gloves with both of our pogies styles.

Braca also makes a Standard Kayak Pogie, ballistic nylon, with a longer sleeve that goes midway up the forearm for more warmth.

4 in stock


Lightweight, Low Profile Kayak Pogies

Great racing and training kayak pogies. Warm-up and slide them off to the side, marathoners love the easy on/off at portages.

BRACA-SPORT® Pogies provide water and wind protection for your hands while still allowing direct hand contact with your paddle.  Made from ballistic nylon, our pogies are designed for training and racing in moderately cold conditions.

  • Super light: We have weighed these pogies at 33grams each! (slightly less than 7 US Nickels), super light!
  • Do not absorb water: Stay light, no cooling from evaporation.
  • Stay open: Very easy to get your hand in and out, they don’t collapse.
  • Best Above 40F/4.5C degrees

Chris’s experience:   “My hands tend to not get cold, and have found these work great down to 40F/4.5C degrees. For lower temperatures, I switch to heavier neoprene.”


 Comparing our Two Kayak Pogie Models

Both of our kayak pogies are the same lightweight, tough nylon material, the difference is the length of coverage.  The Low Profile Pogie is wrist length and short enough that it stays puffed open when you take a hand out, the Standard Kayak Pogie covers up to about mid-forearm so it’s a warmer experience.

Neither is designed for extreme cold, below 40F/4.8C, for that, we recommend neoprene pogies.


lightweight kayak pogies


Braca Kayak Pogie Lightweight for cool temps

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