540 Surfski Sizes

An Entry-Level Performance Ski!

Nelo just announced that the NELO 540 Surfski is offered in 3 sizes! The perfect boat for speed and stability in varying wave conditions.  The 540 has the stability of a 520, for hanging on in the waves, and more top speed for performance in the flats. Like all Nelo Surfskis, the 540 is light and maneuverable.

Check our Nelo 540’s for sale inventory for boat selection and Nelo 540 prices


Under 75 Kg (165 lbs)


75 – 90 Kg (165 – 200 lbs)


Over 90 Kg (200 lbs)

The XXL is a versatile boat size!

Nelo 540 for sale, prices and availability

Nelo 540 XXL

540 XXL is our friends and family boat

Nelo 540 XXL

6'5 paddler

Three 540 XXL’s for Sale! Great Nelo Custom Colors!

As of September we have 3 Nelo 540 XXL for sale and also 2 Nelo 540 L on order for inventory. Check our Nelo Inventory for updated info and contact us to take one home.

Nelo 540 XXL price and for sale
nelo 540 for sale, price and availability
nelo 540 for sale, price and availability