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Braca-sport Paddle Deals

Special Pricing on used or excess inventory!

Specially priced inventory from FastPaddler.  Products may be excess inventory or previously-owned Braca-sport paddles.  In some cases, different shaft length can be accommodated by swapping out with other deal paddles or purchasing a new shaft, both of which we will assemble for you.  Email with any questions at [email protected]


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Status: New, unused
Condition: Excellent

Seriously, solid paddles with kevlar/carbon construction creating a bright gold and green pattern

Discount Paddle prices on Braca Kinetic Product Photo Braca-sport

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    Braca Hurricane 100 (new)


Status:  new, unused
Condition: Excellent

Braca Hurricane 100 is the latest paddle in the Brača touring line. It is based on the Typhoon with the following modifications: slightly reduced blade surface area and offset spine height to provide more efficient catch, tracking, and exit.

Its exceptional strength fully withstands intense conditions and performs flawlessly in the open ocean, rivers, and lakes. This is a perfect paddle for touring and long races for the paddlers who prefer a traditional shape over a wing blade.

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Status:  used
Condition: Very Good

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    Braca IV Used

    $495.00 $349.00

$495.00 $349.00Read more

Status:  Used
Condition: Good, typical wear, light cosmetic scratches, some light edge wear