Braca Paddle Sizes and Blade Types for I, IV and XI

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I, IV and XI Blade types available

These are the Braca I, IV, XI blade sizes and constructions we have available. Braca fabricates both blades and shafts from their proprietary carbon fiber, resulting in plenty of options and components designed to perform.

With Braca you select your blade size, construction, and shaft.  FastPaddler assembles to your custom length

Blade Constructions

60% Carbon

Softer blade at a lower price, clubs and youth, injury avoidance


Regular construction, a sprint, and fitness paddle

Extra Light

A lighter version approx 20 to 100 g lighter than standard


Kevlar tips for durability for rugged conditions


Constructed for reverse forces of brace and current in all waters


A softer, more forgiving performance blade

Dark blade colors are in stock and will be expertly assembled and shipped and arrive within days.
Light blade colors can be ordered for the next shipment.
If Braca makes it you can get it!

ModelBladeSurface Area (cm2/in2)Length (cm)Width (cm)Weight Standard (g/oz) Min
Blade ConstructionAthletes
Braca XI Van Dusen '92 675675675/104.649.515600/21.2-XStandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiXSurfski, marathon, youth sprint, lightest paddler
Brača XI Van Dusen '92 705705705/109.349.815.5600/21.2xs-minXStandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiXSurfski, marathon, youth sprint, lighter paddler
Brača XI Van Dusen '92 735735735/113.950.515.7620/21.9s-minXStandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiXSurfski, marathon, small sprinter, average strength paddler.
Brača XI Van Dusen '92 760760760/117.851.116640/22.6minXStandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiXMarathon, sprint, ICF Sprint midpoint
Brača XI Van Dusen '92 775775775/ LightMarathonSurfskiXMarathon, sprint, large paddler
Brača XI Van Dusen '92 795795795/123.251.317.2710/25.0s-maxXStandardExtra LightXXXSprint, large paddler
Brača XI Van Dusen '92 815815815/126.351.617.6730/25.7maxXStandardExtra LightXXXSprint, larger paddlers
Brača XI Van Dusen '92 835835835/129.451.918.1750/26.5x-maxXStandardExtra LightXXXSprint, largest paddlers
Braca IV 610610610/94.54514.4595/21.0-60% CarbonX


XXXMost popular for youth paddlers
Braca IV 635635635/98.445.315.1600/21.2xs-min60% CarbonStandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiXMost popular for youth paddlers
Braca IV 670670670/103.947.515.2600/21.2-60% CarbonStandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiSoftMost popular for very light paddler or youth.
Braca IV 705705705/109.24915.8630/22.2s-min60% CarbonStandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiSoftMost popular size for marathon, surfski, fitness. Typically average to lighter paddler
Braca IV 735735735/113.949.516.3640/22.6min60% CarbonStandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiSoftMost popular size for marathon distance and surfski. Typically average size and strength paddler
Braca IV 765765765/118.65016.8650/22.9max60% CarbonStandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiSoftPopular with larger paddlers on flat water. Limited stock.
Braca I 775775775/ LightMarathonXXMarathon, sprint, large paddler
Braca I 790790790/122.251.416.9740/26.1s-minXStandardExtra LightMarathonXXSprint, large paddler
Braca I 805805805/124.851.617760/26.8minXStandardExtra LightMarathonXXSprint, large paddlers
Braca I 820820820/127.151.817.2770/27.2s-maxXStandardExtra LightXXXSprint, larger paddlers
Braca I 840840840/130.25217.5780/27.5maxXStandardExtra LightXXXSprint, largest paddlers
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