BRAČA-SPORT®  Kayak Paddles

All Braca Kayak Paddle Models are Available at FastPaddler!

BRAČA-SPORT®’s mission is to design, develop, and produce the best performing paddle for every paddler. We believe that each paddler has different needs and therefore each paddle should be uniquely designed. Different designs work better for different paddlers and environments. For that reason, we offer a wide range of sizes, shaft configurations, and materials for every kayak paddle we build.  We want you to be able to select your ideal kayak paddle!

BRAČA-SPORT® excellence, combined with FastPaddler customer service, means quick delivery, exceptional quality, and happy athletes. We carry inventory for rapid shipment and provide an expert assembly of your paddles.  Coaches, we can consolidate orders and provide individual invoicing available for athletes.

New for Kayakers!

  • Introducing New 720 Blades for the IV and XI!

  • Oscar Chalupsky at the Blackburn 2023!

  • Nelo Surfski Sizes, ML, L, XXL

BRAČA-SPORT® Kayak Paddles

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Blade Constructions


Our regular 100% carbon construction paddle

Extra Light

A lighter, stiffer version, 20 to 100 g lighter than standard


Kevlar tips for durability for rugged conditions


Reinforced for reverse forces of bracing and current in all waters


A softer, more forgiving performance blade

Carbon 60

Durable, slightly heavier softer blade at a lower price

We have almost every option in stock!

Sprint, Kevlar-reinforced Marathon, Surfski Wing Paddles in custom configurations. Paddles from BRACA-SPORT are all available as 100% carbon fiber kayak paddles with some 60% versions also. The only company engineering paddles for every sport using our own proprietary carbon fiber and state-of-the-art construction!

Our kayak paddles have been designed using the latest carbon technology available, inspired by the comments and in collaboration with some of the world’s most successful paddlers and coaches. We invented the revolutionary teardrop blade concept that redefined kayak paddle performance and is now being copied by other manufacturers. This has become the ‘de facto’ preferred wing paddle blade in the paddling community, the gold standard for all athletes. It is the world’s only mechanical energy paddle concept.

Large Kayak Paddles for Sprinters! Braca I paddles are the favorite of world class sprinters.

Which Kayak Paddles Are Most Popular?

The Braca XI and the Braca IV Carbon Wing Paddles – See Chart of Available Blades for these paddles

The Braca IV, which is a smaller Braca I, and the Braca XI are our most popular carbon kayak paddles. The Braca IV and Braca I are the same design blade with the I sized for large kayak sprinters. The XI is a high-twist teardrop, designed in the USA by Ted Van Dusen, and rapidly adding proponents in the top competitions.  The XI is one of our most popular options for all athletes. For competitive sprinters, the Braca VII (VI is the smaller size) is also another choice to consider.  There are successful elite athletes using each of these kayak paddle designs on the world’s stage!  We are happy to discuss your ambitions and help select the ideal paddle to meet your goals. We keep a wide range of possible configurations in stock to serve every type of athlete.  You can select the design, size, construction, and shaft for your paddle.  That versatility is what makes BRACA-SPORT the market leader.  Your ideal paddle is just a few days away!

Braca XI Van Dusen ’92 Details

The Van Dusen paddle is a high-twist carbon wing paddle that is one of our most popular paddles as it It provides top performance – efficient power at varied cadences.

Matte Black Surfski Paddle Soft shaft
Kevlar Reinforced Edge of Braca XI Van Dusen Marathon Blade

Regular (R), Extra Light (XL), Surfski (SS), Marathon (M)

In-Stock Sizes (cm sq)

  • 675 Lightest paddlers, surfski, marathon
  • 705 Popular size, lighter paddlers, surfski, marathon
  • 720 New size, mid range, surfski, marathon
  • 735 Popular size, mid to large range, surfski, marathon
  • 760 Large paddler, women ICF Sprint midpoint, sprint, marathon
  • 775 Large paddler, sprint
  • 795 Larger paddler, sprint
  • 815 Largest paddlers, sprint
  • 835 Contact us for 835, we try to have one available.
Sizes available for Carbon fiber Wing Paddle Braca XI


The Braca XI wing blade shape was originally designed by Ted Van Dusen in 1992 after three years of development and testing. Due to the high demand, BRACA-SPORT® added this specially shaped blade to the product line by purchasing a license from Ted in 2014.  The XI is considered a “high twist” shape which facilitates a strong catch and clean exit.  Many paddles on the market have emulated this shape, but if you have not tried one of Ted’s original paddles or the Braca XI, you really should.  It provides top performance – efficient power at varied cadences.

Braca IV Details

The original tear-drop carbon wing paddle. Also in larger sizes for ICF K1 kayak sprint athletes as Braca I.

new 720 blade size, braca IV
Braca IV Tear Drop Wing Paddle
Braca IV Oscar at Carolina Cup

Regular, Extra Light (EL), Surfski (SS) and Marathon (M), Soft, and 60
Varying constructions available, for example, large sprinter blades not usually requested in M construction, which is a kevlar reinforced edge.

In-Stock Sizes (cm sq)

  • 610: Most popular for youth paddlers
  • 635: Most popular for youth paddlers
  • 670: Most popular for very light paddler or youth.
  • 705: Most popular size for marathon distance and surfski. Typically lighter paddler, or someone who just prefers a smaller blade then the 735
  • 720 New Size Mid range size for
  • 735: Popular size for marathon distance and surfski. Typically average size and strength paddler
  • 750: New Size
  • 765: Popular with larger paddlers on flat water.


The Braca IV has been one of BRAČA-SPORT’s most popular paddles for all types of paddling: One of the most popular sprinter kayak paddles, used in Olympic Sprints, World Marathon Championships, and Surfski events. The IV is a classic carbon wing paddle design, the original teardrop design! Athletes like the easy placement at the catch and the power delivery across the stroke. Larger sized ICF Sprint paddles are available as the Braca I.

Braca Kayak Shaft Options

Braca makes a wide range of shafts of varying stiffness allowing for full customization of your paddle.  In general, the larger the paddler and the shorter the distance indicates a stiffer shaft but any combination is possible depending on the paddler.  The 19k and 21k shafts are outfitted with lightweight plastic connectors. Kayak paddles are adjustable, you can select your ideal length and customize the paddle to your exact requirements.

100% carbon Shafts, Braca kayak Paddle Shafts
Adjustable Carbon Kayak paddle shafts for comparison
Carbon paddle shaft especially for surfski


The Stiffness # (not the K) is deflection in mm so the larger the number the more deflection and the softer the shaft is.


02K: Stiffness = 2.6 For the largest blades and heaviest sprinters. 5 cm of adjustability.

03K: Stiffness = 2.8 For large blades and heavyweight sprinters. 5 cm of adjustability.

04K: Stiffness = 3.0. Popular 760 and 775 size blades for larger paddlers on flat water. 5 cm of adjust-ability.

06K: Stiffness = 3.1. Popular for 735, 705 size blades on flat water, some mild ocean paddling. 5 cm of adjust-ability.

17K: Stiffness = 3.3. Less popular, but often used for paddlers who feel the 19K may be too soft. 5 cm of adjust-ability.

19K: Stiffness = 4.5. Designed in collaboration with Oscar Chalupsky for the surfski market, or anyone looking for the soft, lightweight 100% carbon shaft. 10 cm of adjustability. Available with Metal or Plastic connector.

21K: Stiffness = 6.2. The latest flex shaft designed in collaboration with Oscar Chalupsky for Surfski paddlers or anyone looking for the softest, lightweight 100% carbon shaft on the market. Also, check out Oscar Chalupsky Edition 21K with Matte Black Surfski paddles. Smaller 28mm diameter, 10 cm of adjustability.


More on Shaft Selection

Typically the bigger the blade and the more powerful the paddler, the stiffer the shaft you may want. Shorter distance also leads to favoring stiffer shafts.

Other factors are:

Varied Water Conditions

  • Paddling in varied water conditions, such as the ocean, where you may be constantly accelerating to catch a wave, bracing, or in moving water. The softest shafts, 21K and 19K, are specifically designed for these unpredictable water conditions, but a 17K or 06K could also be used. The 19K and 21K have plastic connectors and all others have metal connectors. Metal connectors should be taken apart and rinsed after every use especially in saltwater

Injury Prevention or Accommodation

  • Paddlers who are looking to ease the stress on joints have options to mitigate injury. The oldest and youngest paddlers benefit from having more flexible configurations. As we get older, our joints may not be able to take the rigors of our earlier years, hence many paddlers will move to a softer shaft. This moves more of the stress and shock absorption from your joints to the shaft. Yes, you may lose a very small percentage of power, but hardly noticeable in all but elite paddlers.

Engineering Carbon Kayak Paddles, Wing Paddles and Euro Paddles

We are the only manufacturer to engineer and produce both carbon fabrics and paddles from our own materials. This provides us the ability to produce very specific and fine grain unidirectional high modulus carbon (HMC) fabric layers in contrast to what is available in the market. The diverse range of specific and fine grain materials is the key improvement enabler of the paddle’s performance characteristics.  Our shafts are engineered and manufactured by us specifically for kayak performance, they are not common industrial components. This is especially important for sprinter kayak paddles and other competitors.

Real Customization means athletes select blade design, blade size, blade construction, shaft stiffness, shaft adjustability, connector, truly custom!

Together with proprietary multi-layer and multi-characteristic lay-up methods of a proprietary blend of composite fibers and a reinforced proprietary UV epoxy resin provides the ultimate mechanical and kinetic capabilities. This enables desired catch, slip, pull-through, flutter, and acceleration of the paddle and guarantees these characteristics for every paddle produced.  This engineering effort leads to the world-renowned mechanical energy “BRAČA-SPORT®” paddle!

BRAČA-SPORT® was the first to develop and produce carbon kayak paddles specifically designed for children and youth. Our proprietary material characteristics and mechanics of the paddle are specifically designed to fit children’s physiology. It enables equipment to absorb the impact from each paddle stroke, therefore reducing shock on the shoulders, elbows, and wrists and ultimately decreasing common kayak injuries. The above technology methods are also used to design and develop paddles for recreational and senior paddlers.

Paddling Accessories for High Performance Kayaking

Thermal performance kayaking shirt, warm and breathable weave some neck cover
Mocke PFD and accessories
surfski accessories for ocean paddling
Mocke PFD and accessories