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Braca XI 11 Van Dusen 92 Carbon WIng Paddle

Regular (R), Extra Light (XL), Surf Ski (SS), Marathon (M)

In-Stock Sizes

705 Surfski, marathon, youth sprint, lighter paddler
735 Surfski, marathon, small sprinter, average strength paddler
760 Marathon, sprint, women ICF Sprint midpoint.
775 Marathon, sprint, large paddler  (no SS)
795 Sprint, larger paddler (no SS, M)
815 Sprint, largest paddlers (no SS, M)

(Contact us for 835, largest paddle in this design!)

The Braca XI blade shape was originally designed by Ted Van Dusen in 1992 after three years of development and testing. Due to the high demand, Brača-Sport added this specially shaped blade to the product line by purchasing a license from Ted in 2014.  The XI is considered a “high twist” shape which facilitates a strong catch and clean exit.  Many paddles on the market have emulated this shape, but if you have not tried one of Ted’s original paddles or the Braca XI, you really should.  It does require a more precise entry at the catch than other paddles, but once dialed in provides top performance – efficient power at varied cadences.


Braca IV Paddle Extra Light

Regular, Extra Light, SurfSki (SS) and Marathon (M)
Varying constructions available, for example, large sprint blades not usually requested in M construction, which is a kevlar reinforced edge.

In-Stock Sizes (cm)

670:  47.5 x 15.2 – Most popular for very light paddler or youth.
705:  49.0 x 15.8 – Most popular size for marathon distance and surfski.  Typically lighter paddler, or someone who just prefers a smaller blade then the 735
735:  49.5 x 16.3 – Most popular size for marathon distance and surfski.  Typically average size and strength paddler
765:  50.0 x 16.8 –  Popular with larger paddlers on flat water.  Limited stock.

The Braca IV has been one of BRAČA-SPORT® most popular paddles for all types of paddling:  used in Olympic Sprints, World Marathon Championships, and Surfski events.    The IV is a more “forgiving” shape then the XI, VI or VII meaning easier at the catch


Braca paddle shafts for comparison

In-Stock Shafts (Higher Stiffness # = Softer Shaft):
Stiffness # is deflection in mm with 10kg weight

19K:  Stiffness = 4.5.   Designed in collaboration with Oscar Chalupsky for the Surfski market, or anyone looking for the softest, lightweight 100% carbon shaft on the market.  10 cm of adjust-ability.

17K:  Stiffness = 3.3.   Less popular, but often used for paddlers who feel the 19K may be too soft.  5 cm of adjust-ability.

06K:  Stiffness = 3.1.  Popular for 735, 705 size blades on flat water, some mild ocean paddling. 5 cm of adjust-ability.

04K:  Stiffness = 3.0.  Popular 760 and 775 size blades for larger paddlers on flat water.  5 cm of adjust-ability.

03K:  Stiffness = 2.8  For large blades and heavyweight sprinters.  5 cm of adjustability.

02K:  Stiffness = 2.6  For lagest blades and heaviest sprinters.  5 cm of adjustability.

Note:  Braca offers stiffer shafts that are typically used for sprint paddlers – all models can be ordered

Shaft Stiffness Measurement Process:

Typically the bigger the blade and the larger/stronger the paddler, the stiffer the shaft you may want.

Exceptions are:
1. Paddling in varied water conditions, such as the ocean where you may be constantly accelerating to catch a wave, or in moving water.  The 19K is specifically designed for these ocean conditions when at their worst, but a 17K or 06K can definitely be used

2. Paddlers who are looking to ease stress on joints.  As we get older, our joints may not be able to take the rigors of our earlier years, hence many paddlers will move to a softer shaft.  This moves more of the stress/shock from your joints to the shaft.  Yes, you may lose a very small percentage of power, but hardly noticeable in all but elite paddlers.


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