Follow these instructions to keep your carbon paddles and adjusters in working order.  These instructions are especially important to prevent adjusters from becoming damaged or frozen in a locked position.

  • If used in salt water conditions, the adjuster, shaft, and paddle should be thoroughly rinsed in fresh water immediately after use.
  • If used in fresh water conditions, the paddle and adjuster should be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned every two weeks.
  • Store your adjustable paddle disassembled if not used for more than two weeks!


  • We accept return of paddles in new condition within 15 days of purchase.
  • Returned paddles must be in unscratched, unblemished, condition.
  • Paddles returned in damaged condition may be rejected for refund.
  • Paddles returned in “used” condition may be charged a restocking fee to reflect the repair and/or the reduced value of the item.
  • All other merchandise in “new” condition  may be returned for refund within 15 days of purchase.
  • Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Warranty for Braca-sport Products

For FastPaddler Assembled Paddles

If FastPaddler assembled your paddle then we stand behind our workmanship.  Contact us to arrange a repair for assembly-related (glue joint) issues.

BRACA-SPORT 12 Month Warranty

FastPaddler inspects all paddles before shipping to customers. Our assembly is completed as directed by BRACA-SPORT warranty. Contact us for any questions related to warranty. The warranty covers repair or replacement with no other obligations. Paddles are warranted by BRACA-SPORT for workmanship and material defects, through distributors, for 12 months from date of purchase for the original purchaser. Warranty covers all issues related to workmanship and material defects. Paddles damaged for any reason not related to original manufacturing workmanship or material defect are not covered. Paddles damaged through incorrect use, customer modification, normal wear, solvent or chemical application, failure to maintain, transport, accidental breakage, or any other mistreatment, are not covered. Customers are responsible for all shipping expenses to return paddles to FastPaddler and we will make a determination as to warranty validity when the paddle is received.

If your paddle does not meet warranty conditions then contact us for repair information. We also sell individual blades and shafts and offer some limited repair services.

Braca-sport.com Warranty Info 

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