Braca Polo Spoon


Braca Polo Spoon is designed for defensive play and for goalkeepers. The Braca Polo Spoon paddle provides superb ball-handling ability.   The paddle is made from high impact resistant materials.  The blade has an impact-resistant edge all around and is filled with a CNC machined special foam core. It meets all ICF rules and regulations.

All inventory is MEDIUM shaft stiffness

Polo Paddles are shipped unassembled but we can pre-cut length and mark feather angle.  Braca glue stick included.

For fully assembled paddles the long box size has an extra shipping charge.


Additonal shipping fee for assembled paddles
Enter length in cm for assembled or pre-cut paddles
Enter in Degrees for assembled or pre-cut paddles only.


Braca polo paddles have an impact resistant edge

Available Options and Technical Parameters:
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BladeShaftCarbon contentTotal
Surface area
Kevlar TipsStiffness*
Braca Polo Spoon 690690/106.943.519.8Hard 2.2-2.310080840/29.6

* We recommend stiffer shafts for bigger blades and stronger athletes.

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