The Original Tear-Drop Wing Paddle

Braca IV is the original world’s first ‘tear-drop’ design and has been one of BRAČA-SPORT® most popular paddles for all types of paddling: used in Olympic Sprints, World Marathon Championships, and Surfski events. The paddle is designed to facilitate application of power in the beginning (catch) and in the middle of the stroke, enabling capabilities to obtain the “ultimate” forward stroke. The IV is a more “forgiving” shape than the XI, VI or VII meaning easier at the catch.  The Braca I,  Braca IV, and Braca Children (635) are all scaled versions of the same paddle design.

How to enter adjustable length

For the 19K adjustable (two-piece) shaft enter a 10 cm range (ex: 207-217 cm)   For all other adjustable shafts use a 5cm range.