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The Mocke Racer Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is designed to be competitive at the highest level. Tested and approved to International Standard ISO12402-5, the Mocke Lifejacket has several unique features making it the most comfortable PFD on the market! Lightweight and low profile, Mocke lifejackets are the best racing PFDs around. We have two types of Mocke lifejackets, zipper, and pullover, so you can pick the design you prefer. Hydration bladders from Mocke are designed to fit their PFD jackets so you don’t have to worry about fittings at race time. We have Mocke gear for sale in addition to some really great shirt options.

Mocke Racer PFD
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Ultimately what kept me, and us as a team forging ahead, was to keep thinking about why we we’re doing this. The reason is for those paddlers, new and experienced, out there on the water, grinding it out, morning and evening, to be better today than they were yesterday. Thinking about how these new products are going to help them stay safe and perform to the best of their ability.

Because that is the underlying principle at MOCKE. The pursuit of passion and purpose in the most excellent and inspired way: in our products; for our customers; and within ourselves.

Our New Products

Please welcome to the world of paddling the Flow PFDs, Flow and Zip, the Gust paddling jacket and the new XL Cellphone dry bag.

The Flow PFDs

When creating the Flow Personal Flotation Devices our aim was to create performance lifejackets perfect for today’s watersports enthusiast and athlete. I am proud to bring you 2 new personal floatation devices which I am confident will become leaders in the field of performance PFDs.

The Gust Paddling Jacket.

One of the motivational quotes that floats around the Mocke engine room is: “We are not fair-weather athletes.” In producing the Gust paddling jacket we had this quote in mind, to provide a piece of apparel to our clients that they will always reach for when choosing what to wear for their next session, especially if conditions are going to be chillier, windier or wetter. Please welcome the Gust paddling jacket to the paddling world.

The (New) Mocke XL Cellphone Dry Bag

A key safety element when venturing offshore or further away from “relative” safety, is the ability to communicate or call for assistance in an emergency. We have endeavoured to bring to the paddling world the most reliable, usable and trustworthy cellphone available.

Braca Pogies, Spray Skirts and more!

Of course, we have Braca-sport accessories also! Expertly designed for kayak and canoe athletes. As so many of our customers are surfski paddlers the Mocke products are also a great fit so we are excited to offer them in the USA to our customers. Mocke accessories are also great for SUP, Dragon Boat , and Rowing due to their great streamlined design and performance focus.