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BRAĆA-SPORT® Paddle Deals

Special Pricing on used or excess inventory!

Products may be excess inventory, demo paddles or previously-owned Braca-sport paddles that are in excellent shape.  In some cases, different shaft length can be accommodated by swapping out with other deal paddles or purchasing a new shaft, both of which we will assemble for you.  Any paddle can be shortened to your specs.

Email with any questions at [email protected]


Braca IV 705

$445.00Add to cart

Status: New
Condition: Excellent


Blade: IV 705 Extralight
Shaft: 19k Soft Shaft
Length: 200-210 cm

Braca IV 735

$425.00Add to cart

Condition: New, pre-built demo, hardly used

Blade: IV 735 STD
Shaft: 19k
Length: 210-220 cm

Braca IX 765

$445.00Add to cart

Condition: New, pre-built demo, used twice

Blade: IX 765 Extra Light
Shaft: 17K
Length: 213-218cm

Braca IV 765

$325.00Add to cart

Condition: Very good condition, few minor scuffs, scratches.  No dings.  This was my personal paddle. 210-215cm, inquire cost to change shaft if desire different length.

Blade: IV 765 Extralight
Shaft: Soft Shaft
Length: 210-215 cm

Braca IV 765 Kevlar