BRAĆA-SPORT® Canoe Paddles

BRAĆA-SPORT®  is the leading paddle manufacturer in the world of sprint canoe.
BRAĆA-SPORT® has a complete line of Canoe Sprint paddles for competitive athletes, including child-sized paddles.

What’s New in Canoe from Braca-Sport®

braca uni super fat canoe paddle

Uni Super Fat has 2 New Sizes!

Braca-sport® has added two new smaller sizes to the popular Super Fat lineup and we carry them in-stock.  Both are 48 cm with smaller at 20,19 cm width and the smallest at 19,18 cm widths.

Canoe Paddles In-Stock!

Super Fat and Children’s paddles are now available online for immediate shipping in the USA.  We also have wristbands and canoe pogies in-stock.

Combined Shipping And Individual Invoicing for Teams

For teams, we offer consolidated shipment with individual invoicing.  Teams can place an order together and ship to one location. We will send each athlete (or parent) an individual invoice, payable online.  Coaches can supervise the paddle specifications but do not need to collect payment.  Paddles are labeled with each owners name to avoid any confusion!

All Canoe Paddles are Listed at Club Pricing!

In-Stock Canoe Paddles and Accessories

Canoe Sprint items available to purchase online and will ship in about 3 days to USA!

Special Order Canoe Paddles and Accessories

Contact us to add any special orders to our next shipment (Usually early Spring and mid-Fall).