Canoe Sprint & Marathon Paddles

BRAČA-SPORT® is the leading canoe paddle manufacturer in the world!

BRAČA-SPORT® has a complete line of Canoe Sprint paddles for competitive athletes. We also have youth paddles in-stock with the Canoe Children or smaller sizes of Uni Super Fat and Uni Extra Wide.

Carbon paddle tech and options

New in Canoe Paddles

Super Fat New Smaller Sizes - 19,18 48 cm or 20,19 48 cm Uni Super Fat
Extra Wide Now available online Uni Extra Wide
Carbon Handles New handle option for all canoe paddles
canoe handle choice - wood or metal


New handle options

Canoe Sprint & Marathon Paddles and Accessories

In stock and ready to assemble and ship rapidly!

surfski accessories for ocean paddling
surfski accessories for ocean paddling
Mocke PFD's, Mocke Shirts, Mocke Paddle Jacket


Braca accessories are expertly designed to protect you and your equipment.

Looking for paddles for young athletes?

Braca offers scaled-down paddles designed for young athletes, ensuring they capture the full performance capabilities of their full-sized counterparts!