BRAĆA-SPORT® Canoe Paddles

BRAĆA-SPORT®  is the leading paddle manufacturer in the world of sprint canoe.

Canoe Sprint Paddles

BRAĆA-SPORT® has a complete line of Canoe Sprint paddles for competitive athletes, including child-sized paddles.  Our best selling paddle is the Braca Uni Super Fat and we have several of these in stock.

Contact us to add your canoe paddle order to our next shipment (Early Spring and Mid-Fall).

For teams, we offer consolidated shipment with individual invoicing.   FastPaddler expertly assembles your paddles.

Canoe Paddle Prices

Canoe Adjustable      $475
Canoe Fixed Length  $425

Children’s Canoe Prices

60% Carbon Adjustable      $300
60% Carbon Fixed Length  $275

braca uni super fat canoe paddle
Wooden handle canoe sprint carbon paddle
braca uni super fat canoe paddle


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