Bracsa VIII


Innovative Tear-drop Model

Bracsa VIII is based on an innovative blade concept. It was designed and engineered to facilitate a softer catch and the generation of smooth, precise, and consistent strokes. The Bracsa VIII makes an ideal first wing paddle for sea kayakers due to the soft catch and more forgiving forward stroke posture.

Our VIII’s are Bracsa VIII style as pictured (previous logo, same blade design) with new shafts. All Bracsa VIII have the newest model shafts with the latest locking mechanism. Paddles with the Bracsa label (as opposed to Braca) and a blacker finish are awesome deals, the exact same blade design but from older inventory, new, unused and in perfect condition.

The Braca VIII blades are long, so it’s important to order a paddle that is long enough so you do not end up with a short inner shaft with your hands too close together. More info here. Email with any questions.

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19K Shaft has 10 cm adjustability so please enter a 10 cm length instead of 5 cm.
For 19K shafts write in a 10 cm range for ex: 207 - 217 cm. For all other shafts (03K, 04K, 06K, 17K) write in a 5 cm range for ex: 212 - 217 cm. Braca paddles are custom assembled so you can select a custom paddle length! More Info
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Braca VIII Sizes and Blade Constructions

Slide table

Braca VIII
Surface Area
Blade Construction
StandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiSoftCarbon 60


Braca VIII Shaft Options

Braca VI and VII can be paired with any Braca shaft shown below.

The Braca VIII blades are long, so it’s essential to order a paddle that is long enough to accommodate the extra blade length. If the shaft is too short, your hands will be too close together even when you grip the paddle close to the top of the blade. This can lead to poor form and fatigue.

When you order a paddle you provide us with the total length in cm, for example 220 cm. The shaft length is the full length minus the blade length. If the blades are longer, such as Braca VIII, then the inner shaft length will be shorter than on an equivalent length Braca IV paddle.

Usually, we add about 10 cm to account for the extra blade length, the Braca VIII is about 7 cm longer, per blade, than standard wing paddles.

We can always shorten your paddle but we can’t make it longer without a new shaft.

Model # Stiffness = Deflection in mm

02K Stiffness = 2.6 (less flexible)
03K Stiffness = 2.8
04k Stiffness = 2.9
06K Stiffness = 3.0
17K Stiffness = 3.3 (more flexible)
19K Stiffness = 4.5 (most flexible)


Braca paddle shaft stiffness, How deflection is measured



Braca VIII Shaft Length

When you order your paddle you need to enter a Custom Length and select Hand Control.

Length: You can use any 5cm or 10cm length depending on the shaft.  See the image above or more info.

How to enter the custom paddle length:

  • For 02K to 17K enter a 5cm range (ex: 215 – 220 cm)
  • For the 19K enter a 10 cm range (ex: 218 – 228 cm)

All Braca paddles are available with a two-piece adjustable shaft that provides 5 cm or 10 cm of adjustability. This allows flexible adjustment of the overall paddle length and blade angle from 0° to 80° right or left in 5° increments. The system also allows you to disassemble the paddle into two parts for easy transportation.

Hand Control: Select Right or Left

Hand control determines which way to orient the locker, left-handed or right-handed.

More Info

More Info


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