Youth-Sized, 60% Carbon, Wing Paddle

Brača Children is designed with the same tear-drop shape used in Brača I and Brača IV but proportionally reduced for youth.  This youth-sized paddle is manufactured with a carbon, fiberglass combination resulting in a paddle with more flex. These softer mechanics allow for less stress on young joints and muscles, reducing common kayaking injuries.  The youth shaft diameter is slightly smaller than standard sized shafts.

Many purchasers of Brača Children paddles are parents of youth kayakers and the process is more consultative.  We welcome a conversation about paddles with input from your child’s coach.   Braca also has Braca Junior (extreme tear-drop, copy of  VI and VII), Braca Kid (parallel edge, similar to III and V) , Brača Children 100% carbon version via special order.  Braca 2017 Catalogue  Email us at [email protected] to begin a dialogue, we will respond rapidly.