Canoe Pogies


Lightweight for Canoe

Braca quality is apparent in these canoe pogies designed especially for canoe. Canoe pogies are designed for maximum dexterity by allowing direct hand contact with a paddle. The set has a pogie for the handle hand and a pogie for the shaft hand. The material is ballistic nylon, lightweight and water resistant.  These are the lightest form of cold weather protection.  Also, check out these Kayak Marathon Pogies


Cool weather canoe pogies for canoers

Cool Weather Canoe Pogies for Canoe Sprint, Marathon

Braca makes Canoe Pogies and 2 Kayak Pogies!

Brača-Sport Canoe Pogies provide water and wind protection for your hands while still allowing direct hand contact with your paddle. Two models of pogies are available for kayak and one for canoe:

  • Kayak Marathon (below) – for minimal time loss at the portages.
  • Kayak Normal – for maximum cold and wind protection.
  • Canoe pogies – special design for sprint and marathon canoeing.

Braca Accessories for Kayaking, Pogies to keep hands warm