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Lightweight Pogies for Sprint Canoe and Marathon

The Braca quality shines through in these specialized canoe pogies, meticulously designed with canoe enthusiasts in mind. Engineered to provide superior dexterity, these pogies enable direct hand-to-paddle contact, ensuring a seamless paddling experience in cooler weather. These are the lightest form of cold weather protection deigned to provide warmth but not overheat.

Each set includes a pogie tailored for the handle hand and another for the shaft hand. Crafted from durable ballistic nylon, these pogies strike the perfect balance between lightweight convenience and water resistance. These pogies represent the ultimate in minimalistic, yet effective gear for ICF canoe athletes.

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Canoe Pogies for C1 C2 C4 Athletes

C1 ICF pogies represent specialized hand coverings designed for canoeists who participate in the International Canoe Federation (ICF) discipline known as C1. In C1 racing, a solo paddler kneels in a canoe and wields a single-bladed paddle, necessitating unique gear, including pogies.

Paddlers use pogies like hand mittens that attach to the paddle shaft and cover their hands while still allowing direct contact with the paddle grip. Pogies serve several essential purposes:

  1. Warmth: Canoe pogies provide protection against cold weather, keeping the paddler’s hands warm by shielding them from the wind and cold water. This is particularly important during cold races or training sessions.
  2. Dexterity: Paddlers must maintain precise control and feel of the paddle while racing. Canoe pogies are designed to allow direct hand-to-paddle contact, preserving the necessary dexterity for maneuvering and ensuring optimal performance.
  3. Water Resistance: Pogies are typically constructed from water-resistant materials, safeguarding the paddler’s hands from splashes and the wet environment.
  4. Streamlined Design: Canoe pogies are engineered to be sleek and minimalistic, reducing drag and interference with the paddle stroke.

When canoeists select Canoe ICF pogies, they consider factors like material, fit, and the specific design features that best suit their racing preferences and the prevailing environmental conditions. These specialized accessories play a crucial role in enhancing comfort and performance for canoe paddlers, especially in the demanding conditions of competitive canoe racing.


Braca makes Canoe Pogies and 2 Kayak Pogies!

Brača-Sport Canoe Pogies provide water and wind protection for your hands while still allowing direct hand contact with your paddle. Two models of pogies are available for kayak and one for canoe:

  • Kayak Marathon (below) – for minimal time loss at the portages.
  • Kayak Standard – for more arm coverage in coller weather.
  • Canoe pogies – special design for sprint C1, C2 and marathon canoeing, ICF events
Professional kayak pogie for racing and surfski, slip shaft through flexible opening

The best kayak pogies for cool weather and easy on, off

Braca Kayak Pogie Lightweight for cool temps

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