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New in Kayak Paddles

XI New Blade Size - 805 and 720 | Downriver Metal Tip Blades option Braca XI
IV New Blades Sizes - 720 and 750 | Downriver Metal Tip Blades option Braca IV
Shafts 19K Flexible Shafts with metal lockers available


Metal tipped blades for rocky environments

New in High Kneel Canoe Paddles

Super Fat New Smaller Sizes - 19,18 48 cm or 20,19 48 cm Uni Super Fat
Extra Wide Now available online Uni Extra Wide
Carbon Handles New handle option for all canoe paddles
canoe handle choice - wood or metal


New handle options

Mocke PFD’s Back in Stock!

SUP Paddles on Sale

Fastpaddler is the exclusive BRAČA-SPORT® supplier for the USA.

Our in-stock inventory includes all popular models of performance paddles and accessories. The combination of BRAČA-SPORT® excellence and FastPaddler customer service ensures that we can provide you with exceptional quality products available for rapid assembly and delivery.

FastPaddler ships to all USA locations including Hawaii!

Owned and Operated by Chris Chappell  |

  • Introducing New 720 Blades for the IV and XI!

  • Kayak and Surfski Equipment for Lighter Athletes

  • Nelo Surfski Sizes, ML, L, XXL

Kayak and Canoe Accessories

BRAČA-SPORT®  Accessories

K1 paddling accessory, spray skirt, black

High-Quality Braca Design
Designed for K1 and C1 Racing
Performance Thermal Shirts
Lightweight Pogies for Kayak & Canoe

Mocke PFDs & Accessories

Mocke PFD for sale

 Mocke Racer PFD
Light and Low Volume PFD
Surfski and Racing PFD’s
Mocke Knows Paddling!

What makes BRAČA-SPORT unique?


We’re proud of our innovations, like the ‘tear-drop’ blade concept, setting the industry standard. We were the first to design paddles for various age groups and skill levels, continuously improving based on feedback from our diverse customer community, from hobbyists to elite athletes.

Our customer service is the best around.


Our quality stems from crafting our own carbon fabrics and materials for paddles. Utilizing our fine-grain unidirectional high modulus carbon (HMC) fabrics, we employ original composite blends, epoxy resin, and layering methods for ultimate durability, flexibility, and precision. Additionally, we manufacture our own shafts to optimize sport performance.

FastPaddler expertly assembles your paddle.


Braca paddles stand out for their custom assembly, allowing you to tailor each component to your preferences. Options for blade size, type, shaft stiffness, and paddle length ensure a personalized experience. FastPaddler stocks popular configurations and builds to order, guaranteeing the perfect paddle for everyone, including specific lengths like 209 to 214 cm.

FASTPADDLER stocks all popular configurations.

What makes BRAČA-SPORT unique?


We take pride in our many innovations — most notably, the ‘tear-drop’ blade concept, which redefined paddle performance and has become the industry standard blade form.  We are constantly developing our products based on the feedback from our broad customer community.


Our quality derives from the fact that we produce our own raw carbon fabrics and materials for our paddles. Our fine-grain unidirectional high modulus carbon (HMC) fabrics are manufactured and layered right in our factories.


Braca paddles are unique because they are assembled to order. Each component has options to configure your perfect paddle. Blade size, blade type, shaft stiffness, paddle length, are all customizable.