FastPaddler Shipping

These are our current prices for shipping and packaging paddles and accessories. Paddles are expertly packaged to arrive safely. Prices are subject to change.

USA Shipping

Shipping Costs for 2 Piece Paddles

Continental USA – 2 Piece Paddles

  • Kayak Paddle – $25 – UPS Ground
  • Canoe Paddle – $30 – UPS Ground
  • SUP Paddle – $35 UPS Ground

Hawaii, Alaska – 2 Piece Paddles

  • Kayak Paddle – $45 UPS or USPS
  • Canoe Paddle – $45 UPS or USPS
  • SUP Paddle – $65 UPS or USPS

Accessories any USA location

  • Prices vary from $7 to $10 with a small additional charge ($.5 to $1) for higher quantities.

Canada Shipping

  • You can buy online and ship to USA address at prices shown above
  • Check with your local dealer before contacting us for international shipment to Canada
  • We can’t estimate your customs fees for a shipment to Canada and they can be high

International Shipping

We generally do not ship internationally. We only ship to a USA address. We do not export or assist with a USA shipment intended for exporting to an international address.

  • We can ship to any USA address (Relative, Hotel)
  • We can ship to a broker address in the USA but we are not part of your export process and cannot provide any paperwork except for a receipt with the USA address.
  • Contact us for an invoice payable with an International credit card and with a USA shipping address.

Shipping prices subject to change. 1 Piece paddles have additional costs to ship.