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Braca SUP Marlin


Designed for Speed and Stability

Braca-sport®’s Braca SUP Marlin is a blend between a classic triangle shape and recent rectangular racing shapes.  It has a slightly concave spoon design.  The Braca SUP Marlin offers a strong catch and locks to generate powerful strokes for a range of conditions.  Ocean surf, long-distance, flatwater, the inspiration from both classic designs make this paddle suitable for all conditions.  Designed for elite athletes and prototype tested with Bruno Hasulyo, it is now his paddle of choice!
Marlin blades are ALL standard finish with shafts available in standard or matte finish.


Enter 6 inch (15 cm) range for adjustable paddle length OR Enter exact length for fixed length paddle. Enter "DO NOT ASSEMBLE" for unassembled
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Compare Braca SUP Marlin and Braca SUP Maui Shapes

Braca SUP Marlin and Braca SUP Maui are elite SUP racing paddles. The Braca SUP Kahana is a high-quality touring paddle.  See Braca SUP paddles in action in worldwide races and also touring Hawaii!

BRACA-SPORT is the world’s top manufacturer of elite canoe and kayak paddles.  Because of their exceptional design and build many athletes choose Braca-sport paddles to compete in Olympics and World Champion titles.


Three SUP blades from Braca, Braca SUP Marlin, Braca SUP Maui, Braca SUP Kahana

Three SUP blades from Braca


BRAČA-SPORT® has a worldwide reputation for designing and building carbon racing paddles.  The Maui racing paddle is designed to allow you maximum energy transfer in a light, powerful paddle.  The Maui is built for a firm catch and smooth midstroke with a clean exit.  The specially shaped spine minimizes the flutter of the blade throughout the stroke. The Kahana has a slightly smaller blade area than our original Malibu shape, but it is also relatively wider, which gives extra stability throughout the stroke. It is a great choice for recreational athletes.  The Marlin is a hybrid of the two offerings a broad range for racing and training in all conditions.  Three carbon handles are available along with a choice of fixed length or adjustable (15cm range) shaft. As an extra feature, all components are hot-glued and replaceable. The perfect companions for elite SUP paddleboards such as Speedboard USA.


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