BRAČA-SPORT®  Surfski Paddles

Surfski Paddles from BRAČA-SPORT®. The only company engineering paddles for every sport using our own proprietary carbon fiber and state of the art construction!

Surfski Paddles In Stock

Select your paddle type and select the Surfski blade from available options.  Pair with 19K or 21K Shafts.

Surfski Paddle Features

Braca IV - Surfski Competition - - Oscar at Carolina Cup


Braca blades are available in Surfski, Extra Light, Marathon, Standard. The Surfski blades have a special reinforcement in the most stressed areas, which makes them suitable for paddling in all sorts of water conditions. These blades withstand reverse forces when stabilizing or paddling backward.

  • Specially reinforced design
  • Large selection of blade sizes
  • Customize your exact paddle length
21k matte shaft - Oscar Chalupsky


Surfski paddles are configured with shafts in several options, 19K, 21K, and Matte 21K (shown left) for Matte blades only. Surf Ski paddling requires a softer but more durable shaft, which has to be light at the same time. We developed the 19K and 21K shafts, especially for this purpose.

  • 10 cm of adjustability to dial in your perfect length
  • Softer shafts for all types of conditions and athlete preferences
  • All 19K, 21K paddle shafts have lightweight plastic connectors
surfski accessories for ocean paddling