Braca I


ICF K1 Kayak Racing Paddle

Olympic and World Championship sprint paddle with a powerful pull

Designed for flatwater racing for strong sprinters, the Braca I is one of the most popular racing kayak paddles in the world. The paddle is designed to facilitate the application of power in the catch through the middle of the stroke, leading to an efficient and powerful forward stroke. This is the largest classic teardrop kayak paddle from Braca and is available in blade types, Standard, Extra Light, Marathon (special order). Braca offers a full range of shaft stiffness and custom length to customize your paddle to your specs. The  Braca IV is the same blade design scaled in smaller sizes.


Enter 5 cm adjustable length. You can use any custom length (For example: 210-215 cm or 207-212 cm)
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Braca I Sizes and Blade Constructions

Slide table

Braca I
Surface Area
Blade Construction
StandardExtra LightMarathon
775775/ LightMarathon
790790/122.251.416.9StandardExtra LightMarathon
805805/124.851.617StandardExtra LightMarathon
820820/127.151.817.2StandardExtra Light
840840/130.25217.5StandardExtra Light

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Light Italics colors can be ordered for the next shipment.
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Braca I Shaft Options

Designed for K1 sprinters and powerful athletes, these blades are paired with stiffer shafts to maximize pull. All of these shafts are possible options for athletes depending on distance and conditions and athlete requirements. For reference, smaller athletes and surf ski paddlers usually use smaller blade sizes in Braca IV or Braca XI. Surfskiers also use softer shafts, such as the 19K and 21K shafts but occasionally athletes will pair a Braca I with a 19K for injury prevention so we have included it here. 06K is the most popular option.

These are the Braca 1 shaft options:

02K Stiffness = 2.6 (less flexible)
03K Stiffness = 2.8
04k Stiffness =  2.9
06K Stiffness =  3.0 
17K Stiffness  =  3.3 (more flexible)
19K Stiffness  = 4.5 (most flexible)

image of the metal connector for Braca kayak paddle shaft

5 cm Adjustable with Metal Connector


Braca I Shaft Length

When you order your paddle you need to enter a Custom Length and select Hand Control.

Length: You can use any 5cm custom length.  For example 210-215 cm or 207-212 cm.

All Braca I paddles are available with a two-piece adjustable shaft that provides 5 cm of adjustability. This allows flexible adjustment of the overall paddle length and blade angle from 0° to 80° right or left in 5° increments. The system also allows you to disassemble the paddle into two parts for easy transportation.

Hand Control: Select Right or Left

Hand control determines which way to orient the locker, left-handed or right-handed.

More Info

More Info

About the Braca I Racing Paddle

The Most Popular K1, K2, K4 Racing Paddle in the World!

The Braca 1 is an Olympic & World Championship kayak paddle designed for the largest sprint athletes. The Braca I wing paddle is a versatile teardrop design that is available in scaled versions to accommodate all paddlers. Here are some other Configurations of the Braca I blade design:
  • Braca IV Braca IV is the same paddle design as the Braca I but in a smaller scale for competitors seeking smaller blades.
  • Braca IV Carbon 60 The Braca IV Carbon 60, paired with a 19k or 21k shaft, is a more flexible 60% carbon blade at a competitive price for K1 Racing Clubs, K1 Youth, and Elders. Note that the Barbon 60 blades run a little heavier and are also priced less that full carbon.
  • Braca Children The Braca Children paddle is the I, IV design scaled for youth-sized kayakers and available in 610 or 635. Braca Children has a smaller diameter shaft. If you prefer a standard-size shaft (maybe to attach bigger blades later) then the smallest Braca IV blades, 610 or 635,  are a better choice. The smallest Braca IV blades are the exact blade as Braca Children but with a standard-size shaft.
  • Braca IV Surfski Matte Black Sleek black matte surfski blades with an Oscar Chalupsky special edition shaft.
Competing and training? Don't miss the other possible ICF sprint paddles in large sizes: 
  • Braca XI Van Dusen ’92 Our best-selling paddle is the Braca XI Van Dusen ’92. The XI Van Dusen is also a great choice for ICF kayak sprinters and is used by World Champions and top surf skiers alike. The Braca XI (11) is also available in sizes for larger sprinters through youth sizes.  The Braca XI was added due to high demand from competitive racers and team riders, it is one of our top sellers in the USA. It is a more dramatic twist teardrop with smoothly delivered power at all stages of the forward stroke and delivers smooth power at all cadences.
  • Braca VII Due to the special shape, this blade feels bigger compared to a normal ‘tear-drop’ blade with the same area size, such as the Braca I & IV shape. Braca VII are typically used for marathon and sprint, depending on the size of the paddler. Braca VI, a larger version of the same extreme teardrop as the VII, are more typically sprint paddles due to their large size. The VII is a favorite with many top competitors.
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