The Braca VIII blades are long, so it’s essential to order a paddle that is long enough to accommodate the extra blade length. If the shaft is too short, your hands will be too close together even when you grip the paddle close to the top of the blade. This can lead to poor form and fatigue.

When you order a paddle you provide us with the total length in cm, for example 220 cm. The shaft length is the full length minus the blade length. If the blades are longer, such as Braca VIII, then the inner shaft length will be shorter than on an equivalent length Braca IV paddle.

Usually, we add about 10 cm to account for the extra blade length, the Braca VIII is about 7 cm longer, per blade, than standard wing paddles. You can compare dimensions here.

We can always shorten your paddle but we can’t make it longer without a new shaft.

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Braca VIII Carbon Wing Paddle

The VIII is a smooth paddle with deep catch and a graceful entry and exit. A favorite of new wing paddlers and sprint and marathon flatwater.

This is an example of a paddle being shortened so you can see how the shaft length would be affected by a longer blade.

How to cut a kayak paddle shaft for custom length