Braca Blade Constructions

We carry every available blade type!

Blade Constructions


Our regular 100% carbon construction paddle

Extra Light

A lighter, stiffer version approx 20 to 100 g lighter than standard, popular choice for competitive


Edge of the blade is reinforced with Kevlar for durability for  rugged conditions, shallow water


Reinforced for reverse forces of bracing, current, quick direction changes in ocean and rivers


A softer, more forgiving performance blade, pair with a flexible shaft

Carbon 60

Durable, slightly heavier, softer blade, 60% carbon, at lower price, available only with Braca IV blade

Down River

Edge of the blade is reinforced with metal for very rocky severe conditions, special shaft 18K


Kevlar tipped for tougher conditions

Matte Black Surfski Paddle Soft shaft


For ocean or river with bracing and quick direction changes

metal-tipped down river blades, carbon fiber kayak paddle

Down river

Metal tipped blades and 18K down river shaft

Construction Choices for IV and XI Blades

  • Dark colors are in stock and will be expertly assembled and shipped and arrive within days.
  • Light colors can be ordered for the next shipment.

If Braca makes it you can get it!