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With Braca you have a few shapes and constructions available.


  • Extreme Twist Wing Paddle

    Braca XI Van Dusen ’92 – The Braca XI Van Dusen ’92 is a great shape to take a look at, it’s one of our most popular paddles for its power at varied cadences. A solid performer that uses rotation to great advantage. Wide range of blade sizes and constructions to check out.


  • Innovative Tear-drop Model

    Bracsa VIII – Bracsa VIII is based on an innovative blade concept. It was designed and engineered to facilitate a softer catch and the generation of smooth, precise and consistent strokes. The Bracsa VIII makes an ideal first wing paddle for sea kayakers due to the soft catch and more forgiving forward stroke posture. These paddles are brand new but with an older label so they are offered at a competitive price.


  • Also Take advantage of the ability to pick a specific shaft stiffness and custom paddle length, adjustable to 5 or 10 cm centered around your most used length, so you have the flexibility to make adjustments on the fly.