Special Pricing on this Excess Inventory Paddle

This bargain SUP paddle is a great price for a carbon SUP paddle!  The Maui racing paddle is designed to allow you maximum energy transfer in a light, powerful paddle.  The Maui is built for a firm catch and smooth midstroke with a clean exit.  The specially shaped spine minimizes the flutter of the blade throughout the stroke. Condition: New Blade: 79 in2 (510 cm2) Length: 71 inches (180 cm) adjustable to 6 Inches (15cm) Shaft: Soft stiffness Handle: T-curved  (you can substitute for t-curved-ergo or oval) Add any instruction in the notes box, for example, to cut the shaft to a shorter length or swap out the handle. Maui Specs Page If used in saltwater conditions, the adjuster, shaft, and paddle should be thoroughly rinsed in freshwater immediately after use.