Braca Kayak Paddle Shafts


Two Piece Adjustable and One Piece Non-Adjustable Shafts

Braca shafts are available individually for paddlers who want to replace or upgrade their current setup.  Braca also offers stiffer shafts that are typically used for sprint paddlers – all models can be ordered. Contact us with any questions.


In-Stock Kayak Shafts

Higher Stiffness # = Softer Shaft
Stiffness # is deflection in mm with 10kg weight

Braca paddle shaft thickness, How deflection is measured

We recommend a stiffer shaft for bigger blades but any combination is possible. See the shaft stiffness measurement procedure and parameter table.

19K: Stiffness = 4.5. Designed in collaboration with Oscar Chalupsky for the Surfski market, or anyone looking for the softest, lightweight 100% carbon shaft on the market. 10cm of adjustment.

17K: Stiffness = 3.3. Less popular, but often used for paddlers who feel the 19K may be too soft. 5cm of adjustment.

06K: Stiffness = 3.1. Popular for 735, 705 size blades on flat water, some mild ocean paddling. 5cm of adjustment.

04K: Stiffness = 3.0. Popular 760 and 775 size blades for larger paddlers on flat water. 5cm of adjustment.

03K: Stiffness = 2.8. Popular 775 and 815 size blades for largest sprint paddlers on flat water. 5cm of adjustment.

Note: Braca offers even stiffer shafts that are typically used for sprint paddlers – all models can be ordered

Shafts, Maintenance

Shaft Stiffness




Follow these instructions to keep your carbon paddles and adjusters in working order.  These instructions are especially important to prevent adjusters from becoming damaged or frozen in a locked position.
  • If used in salt water conditions, the adjuster, shaft, and paddle should be thoroughly rinsed in fresh water immediately after use.
  • If used in fresh water conditions, the paddle and adjuster should be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned every two weeks.
  • Store your adjustable paddle disassembled if not used for more than two weeks!
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