Performance Long-Sleeve Thermal Shirt


Kayak and Canoe Racing & Training Shirt

The BRAĆA-SPORT® Performance Thermal Shirt is specially designed for high-performance workouts and competitive sports like canoeing, kayaking, surfski, and marathon. It offers an exceptional balance between targeted thermal compression and effective ventilation. This shirt is created with a sleek fit, ensuring comfort and superior breathability. Moreover, its unique knitted fabric structure provides excellent warmth insulation while maintaining a lightweight, soft, and snug fit. The super-soft weave material is perfect for use on the water, but you’ll find it so comfortable that you’ll want to wear it all day.

Discover the remarkable temperature versatility of these shirts, delivering both cooling breathability for intense workouts and comforting warmth for cooler weather.

  • Provides enhanced airflow for intense activity
  • Transports moisture away from the body
  • Stretchy and snug body fit with shoulder room
  • Best racing shirt around!

Sizes are unisex but run small; refer to the chart below for guidance. The body is slim but stretchy, allowing for a close fit even if you choose to go up a size.



Top Choice for Enthusiastic Kayak and Canoe Paddlers During High-Intensity Sessions!

Unleash Your K1 and C1 Performance Potential with the BRAĆA-SPORT® Thermal Shirt!

A stretchy but snug-fitting shirt engineered to deliver warmth in colder conditions and optimal breathability during high-intensity activities.

The Performance shirt features the Braca logo on the Thermowave Original, our inaugural and still highly favored base layer. It’s suitable for a range of activities in cool to cold weather. Crafted from 100% functional polyester, this base layer excels in moisture evaporation. With a distinctive knitted fabric structure, these garments offer excellent warmth insulation while remaining lightweight, soft, and providing a superb fit.

Perfect for competitors in kayak, canoe, and surfski, K1, C1. These shirts work well in various temperatures, keeping you cool during intense activities and warm in colder weather.

Canoe Sprint Paddles

All of these features, coupled with very easy care, make this base layer a perfect choice for intensive activities at lower temperatures. All Thermowave Originals garments are applied with a silver-ion finish to kill-off the bacteria responsible for the workout smell.

performance canoe kayak shirtMaterial: Thermowave’s Functional Polyester is suitable for a variety of activities in chilly-to-cold weather conditions. Made from 100% functional polyester yarns, this fabric provides an exceptional moisture evaporation function. In addition, featuring a unique knitted fabric structure, Thermowave’s polyester garments feature great warmth insulation, are light, soft, and have an excellent body fit. All of these benefits, coupled with very easy care, make our polyester garments a perfect choice for intensive activities at lower temperatures. All of Thermowave’s functional polyester garments are applied with a Silver-ion finish to kill off the bacteria responsible for the sweaty smell.


  • Wicks moisture to outer layers, body remains dry;
  • Incredibly elastic;
  • Quick-dry;
  • Less-irritating fabric;
  • Antibacterial finish inhibits bacterial growth, and provides freshness.


Sizes Chart for Performance Thermal Shirt

Shirts run small. If you have larger shoulders, you may want to go up a size; the body is slim and long but soft and stretchy, allowing for a close fit even if you choose to size up.
All the arms are long!

There is also an extra-small that is more of a youth-size.


Sizes for performance thermal shirts




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