Introducing New 720 Blades for the IV and XI!

  • new 720 blaade size for the Braca IV and Braca XI

720 – A Great Addition to Braca Blade Size Choices!

The Braca IV and XI have been available in two mid-sizes 705 and 735. Athletes who wanted something in between 705 and 735 were stuck in limbo. But now, Braca has listened to the people and introduced a 720 size! This is a great option for athletes who want a larger blade without making too big of a jump and swamping their cadence or a smaller blade without losing too much power. So if you’re interested in a new paddle size check out the 720 Braca paddle.

Great option for people who want to balance out 2 paddle sizes for different venues.

The 705 and 735 are our most popular sizes so it is great news to add a middle choice to give athletes more options to configure their ideal paddle. Paddlers who train in different water types will find the 720 a great balance for their larger flatwater or smaller surfski option.

720 New Blade Size for Braca IV and Braca XI Van Dusen ’92

FastPaddler takes its responsibility as Braca’s exclusive USA distributor seriously. That’s why we have so many of the possible configurations of Braca paddles in stock and ready to ship.

The 720 is available now in standard, extra light, marathon, and surfski models. The surfski XI is in stock, and the surfski IV is a special order.

Each increase in paddle size (from 705 to 720 to 735) results in a 15 sq cm increase in surface area. This means that the additional area along the outside edges is 2-3 mm wider. It results in a paddle approximately 10-20 grams heavier, the same weight as about 2-4 quarters. See blade sizes for every Braca model here.

Braca Blade Sizes - IV and XI

Dark colors in stock and ready for expert assembly and ship! Lighter shade is special order.

Braca blade sizes including new 720 blade

Braca IV 720

new 720 blade size, braca IV

Other Blade Sizes, Check out Braca 1 for larger than 750

610, 635, 670, 705, 720, 735, 750, 765

Braca XI 720

New 720 blade size for Braca XI

Other Blade Sizes

675, 705, 720, 735, 760, 775, 795, 805, 815, 835

Shafts Options for the 720 Blade

These are some guidlines for shaft choices. Generally we pair stiffer shafts with larger blades like the Braca I or larger Braca XI blades. As the 720 is a midsize blade there will be a wide variety of athletes and applications that use a 720. For example a smaller size sprinter will want a stiffer shaft while a larger surfski paddler may opt for a 19K. Contact us for any questions.


  • 17K to 19K, for long distance paddlers


  • 19K or 21K, with a plastic locker for corrosion of salt water


  • 17K, 19K, 21K, go softer for less joint stress


  • Any of the stiffer options from 02K to 17K, possibly a memory lock

All Braca Shaft Options

carbon shafts for braca kayak paddles, all stiffness and locker types, metal and plastic and memory lock option

Paddle FAQ’s

Why choose Braca ?2024-01-29T16:06:09+00:00

The Braca-Sport Advantage

Braca-Sport is the only company that manufactures their own paddles and shafts – it makes a difference!

Since 1991 BRAČA-SPORT has been manufacturing high-quality equipment for a wide variety of paddling sports. Our mission is to design, develop and produce the best performing paddle for every paddler. Given that each paddler has different needs, we believe that each paddle should be uniquely designed. Using the latest technology and insight from the world’s top-level coaches and athletes, our company has continued to research and develop new designs that cater to the needs of paddlers worldwide for every canoeing discipline: Canoe Polo, Dragon Boat, Flatwater, Freestyle, Marathon Canoeing, Ocean Racing, Outrigger, Slalom, Surfski, Touring, and Wildwater.

With a total of 90 different types of canoe and kayak blades available in over 8500 configurations, we guarantee that we have the right paddle for everyone.

Our uniqueness derives from the fact that we produce our own raw carbon fabrics and materials for our paddles. Our fine-grain unidirectional high modulus carbon (HMC) fabrics are manufactured and layered right in our factories. We’ve come up with an original blend of composite fibers and epoxy resin, as well as our own layering methods to deliver products of ultimate durability, flexibility and precision.

We take pride in our many innovations — most notably, the ‘tear-drop’ blade concept, which redefined paddle performance and has become the industry standard blade form. We were also the first to develop and produce paddles specifically designed for children and youth, as well as those for recreational and senior paddlers. We are constantly developing our products based on the feedback from our broad customer community ranging from hobby paddlers to world class athletes.

Quick Facts

  • Original inventor of the ‘tear-drop’ concept.
  • The only manufacturer to engineer and produce carbon fabrics and paddles.
  • World’s first and only mechanical energy paddle.
  • More than 300 years of combined engineering experience, including aerospace, advanced composite materials science, biomechanics and kinetics, chemical, electrical, mechanical and computer systems engineering
  • Built to suit different styles, techniques and physical characteristics of each paddler.
  • First to develop and produce paddles specifically designed for children and youth.
  • First and only manufacturer to develop and use proprietary UV epoxy gelcoat.

Wins on World Stage

Designer, developer and producer of the largest paddle selection in the world

Our blade designs offer a multitude of options. The globally acclaimed Braca IV stands out as one of the most popular kayak paddles worldwide. You can choose a IV style paddle in sizes ranging from 610 to 840. Given the growing preference for smaller paddle sizes, our surfski and marathon selections are particularly popular in sizes under 700. However, Braca also caters to serious sprint athletes and those who prefer a larger paddle, and we also offer larger sizes. Among our bestsellers are sizes ranging from 705 to 735. To address evolving needs, Braca continuously introduces new sizes. This year, we’ve released the IV 720 and 750, along with the XI 720 and 805, ensuring a comprehensive range to meet all requirements.

The Braca IV and Braca I design cover these blade sizes! Constructions include …

610 635 670 705 720 735 750 765 | 775 790 805 820 840

Regular Extra Light Surfski Marathon Downriver Carbon 60

Art of scaling paddle sizes

Sizing blades for smaller options requires deep experience in wing paddle design and manufacturing. A Braca core difference lies in actively tuning small blades, with non-symmetric shapes and twist, to match the characteristics of larger blades. Essentially, this means that engineers skillfully adjust smaller blades to exhibit the same features as larger ones, particularly when dealing with asymmetrical shapes and incorporating twist and curve.

Braca serves the youth and club market by small blades and specialized shafts.

Unrivaled Inventory, Exceptional Service: Your Go-To Supplier FastPaddler

If you are a USA paddler then we have great news for you!

Commitment to keeping inventory in stock

FastPaddler, the leading North American supplier, carries an extensive inventory encompassing nearly every Braca paddle available. Enjoy exclusive online access to the complete range of Braca products—small and large blade sizes, Down River, Surfski, sprint shafts, club shafts. Whatever Braca makes, you can order and probably receive by the weekend!

Exceptional service and component replacement

Utilizing our extensive Braca parts inventory, we can seamlessly replace any components required, including blades, shafts, lockers, and locker parts for Braca athletes.

At FastPaddler, your paddle is skillfully assembled using the Braca process and an official measurement jig. We take pride in our work, ensuring durable smooth glue joints, personalized youth name stickers, and custom high visibility for a polished appearance. All expertly packaged for delivery and arriving within days of your order.

Personal attention

We answer all emails and calls promptly, contact us for any questions.

Overnight shipment available for emergencys. Canada shipping also available.

How to select a Wing Paddle?2024-03-29T00:10:03+00:00

Braca-sport Wing Paddles Selection

Braca paddles are meticulously designed and manufactured to deliver exceptional performance for all athletes. Given the diverse range of athletes and environments, there are numerous ways to customize the paddle to create an ideal and personalized experience.

Selecting a Blade Shape

Braca offers the most diverse selection of wing paddle designs. Braca kayak paddle designs are avilable in a dozen different shapes, each with their specific characteristics. With four distinct design families, the top two are the most widely used.

  • Tear Drop | Classic wing shape with mild twist
  • Extreme Tear Drop | Wing with more extreme twist
  • Parallel Edge | Leading and trailing edges run parallel
  • Hybrid Fusion | Hybrid of features

We recommend these two paddles, our top sellers and all options in stock:

Braca IV – a teardrop wing paddle with slight twist

The Braca IV is one of the most popular paddle designs in the world. It is the original wing paddle developed first by Braca. Favored by many World and Olympian sprinters this is a solid choice. The Braca IV shape offers blade sizes from 610 to 765 and then the Braca I, the same design but bigger, from 775 to a whopping 840. The Braca IV also has a 60% carbon option that makes a great wing paddle for youth, masters, marathon due to the more forgiving performance of 60% carbon. The Braca IV Carbon 60 is also priced less than full carbon paddles and is a club team favorite.

Braca XI Van Dusen – a teardrop wing paddle with extreme twist

The Braca XI is equally popular and in use at high levels of competition worldwide. The Braca XI Van Dusen is an extreme twist paddle, while that sounds extreme it actually a smooth and efficient paddle. It is designed to provide smooth power at varied cadences. It plants solidly and performs for athletes at all levels, including the very top. The Braca XI Van Dusen ’92 is a great shape to take a look at, it’s one of our most popular paddles for its power at varied cadences. A solid performer that uses rotation to great advantage. Designed by Ted Van Dusen in ’92 and licensed by Braca.

Braca IV

Selecting your ideal carbon wing paddle

Picking the best surfski paddle for your skill level

Braca XI

Selecting your ideal carbon wing paddle

How to select a surfski paddle, the Braca XI

Selecting a Construction

Braca provides a wide range of constructions, allowing you to customize your paddle according to your conditions. Surfski blades, known for their stiffness, lightness, and strength, are recommended for most paddlers, including those on flatwater. For specific conditions such as rocky or shallow waters, the Marathon and Down River constructions are ideal.

Possible blade constructions are:

  • Standard: Our regular 100% carbon construction paddle
  • Surfski: Reinforced for reverse forces of bracing and current in all waters, stiff and light
  • Extra Light: A lighter, stiffer version approx 20 to 100 g lighter than a standard
  • Carbon 60: Durable, slightly heavier blade at lower price point for club, masters, marathon, youth
  • Marathon: Kevlar tips for durability for rugged conditions
  • Down River: edge of the blade is reinforced with metal for severe conditions
  • Soft: A more forgiving performance blade often used for stress reduction

Selecting a Blade Size

Several factors go into selecting a blade size.

  • Athlete Size: The physical dimensions of the paddler, including height and strength, impact the ideal blade size. Larger athletes may benefit from larger blades to harness more power, while smaller athletes might find smaller blades more manageable.
  • Distance: The distance you plan to cover affects blade size. For longer distances, a balance between efficiency and reduced fatigue is essential. Smaller blades may be favored for endurance paddling.
  • Stroke Rate: Blade size is directly connected to stroke rate. Larger blades can provide more power but may result in a slower stroke rate. Athletes often choose a size that aligns with their preferred stroke rate and paddling style.
  • Environment: The type of water and environmental conditions also play a role. In windy or choppy conditions, a smaller blade may be advantageous for stability and control, whereas larger blades can be more suitable for calm waters.
  • Injury Prevention: The risk of injury is a crucial consideration. Using a blade size that allows for a natural and comfortable paddling motion can contribute to injury prevention. Athletes recovering from specific injuries may benefit from adjusting blade size to reduce strain.

Selecting Paddle Length

Coming Soon

Selecting A Shaft

Braca manufactures their own shafts and they are designed and woven to provide ideal flex characteristics. You can pick a specific shaft stiffness and custom paddle length, adjustable to 5 or 10 cm. In general the larger the blade the stiffer the shaft. Sprinter shafts have metal connectors and all others have plastic.

Braca shafts are circular in shape with the 21K having a slighly smaller diameter. Braca 19K and 21K have a subtle woven texture making it easy to grip your paddle without adding tape if that’s your preference.

Each paddle has a reduced selection of available shafts. Your paddle selection will indicate available shafts, for example a large Braca XI sprint blade will only show the stiffest sprinter shafts as options. The recommended approach is to use stiff, well-made blades (such as Braca!) and accomodate flexibility through the shaft.

Shaft model numbers(K) = mm of deflection

Least Flexible

  • 02K: Stiffness = 2.5, 2.6 — Sprinter Shaft
  • 03K: Stiffness = 2.7, 2.8 — Sprinter Shaft
  • 04K: Stiffness = 2.9, 3.0 — Sprinter Shaft
  • 06K: Stiffness = 3.1, 3.2 — Sprint, Flatwater Fitness, Mild Ocean
  • 17K: Stiffness = 3.3, 3.4 — Sprint, Marathon, Flatwater Fitness, Mild Ocean
  • 18K: Stiffness = 3.2 – 3.5 — Only Down River paddles use the 18K shaft
  • 19K: Stiffness = Medium 3.2 – 3.6 — Sprint, Marathon, Fitness, Surfski
  • 19K: Sitffness = Soft 4.5 – 4.7 — Sprint, Marathon, Fitness, Surfski
  • 21K: Stiffness = Medium 5.2 – 5.4 — Fitness, Surfski
  • 21K: Stiffness = Soft 6.1 – 6.3 — Fitness, Surfski

Most Flexible

Some general guidelines:

Our most popular configuration is the 19K for medium and long distances, marathon, surfski, fitness training.
The majority of USA paddlers use flexible options like 19K and 21K, or if prefer stiffer alternatives then the 06K and 17K
Use a softer shaft for surfski, the 19K or 21K, with plastic connectors for durability in salt water.
For marathon, long distance competitors, we recommend the 19K
For sprinters, with their large blades, use the stiffest shafts, pros use most stiff, 02K, 03K, 04K
All youth paddles have specifically designed shafts with more flex similar to Braca IV carbon 60 10K shaft
Down River paddles use the 18K shaft only, specifically designed for downriver conditions. Marathon blades could use any.
Preventing an injury? Go as soft as possible and also consider softer blades such as Carbon 60 or Soft Blade

Showing how shafts are expanded

All Shafts options for IV and XI

Selecting Paddle Angle (Feather)

When ordering an adjustable paddle you do not need to pick a feather angle as all adjustable paddles offer flexibility, allowing you to set the feather angle anywhere from 0 to 90 degrees. Adjusting the paddle feather angle is easily achieved by loosening the connector and rotating the shaft according to the marks. The paddle feather angle is a key topic of discussion among users! It is generally determined by the angle at which your paddle enters the water; a higher water entry angle indicates a higher paddle feather angle setting. Surfskiers often prefer lower feather angles, with some opting for 0 degrees. K1 sprinters generally maintain a feather angle of around 60 degrees. If you order a one-piece paddle you will need to select your paddle feather angle as it will be a fixed-length one-piece shaft with no connector.

High twist paddles such as Braca XI are designed such that the paddle angle should not be set above 60 degrees.

How to select a kayak shaft?2024-01-14T19:03:03+00:00

Selecting Braca Carbon Shafts

Our shafts stand out uniquely in the industry. Braca shafts are meticulously crafted for top-tier performance in every sport. With 30 years of expertise in manufacturing shafts at the Braca factory, we take pride in delivering unparalleled quality.

Braca-Sport offers a range of shaft options with different characteristics to suit the needs of various paddlers. Designed for Olympic and World events, Braca shafts cover the needs from short sprint to marathon and surfski. Braca shafts are custom fabricated for each type of paddle by Braca-sport in their Lithuanian factory.

Customization of your blade design, blade size, shaft, and paddle length is unique in the industry!

Shaft Nomenclature

Shafts are identified by a model number (#K) or by the amount of deflection in mm such as 3.2 mm. When you order you will see the selection of shafts that correspond to your blade choice. Since some shafts have a range of deflection we use the K number for ordering.

For example you might order: Braca XI 735 with a 19K shaft.

Braca Shafts

There is also an 18K Down river and a 10K for Carbon IV 60

Selecting a Braca carbon shaft for your Braca paddle
Selecting a Braca carbon shaft for your Braca paddle

How to Select a Shaft

Each paddle has a selection of available shafts. Your paddle selection will indicate available shafts, for example a Braca IV 60 blade only uses a 10K, 19K, or 21K. The recommended approach is to use stiff, well-made blades (such as Braca!) along with shafts that then provide the necessary flexibility.

  • Our most popular configuration is the 19K for medium and long distances, marathon, surfski, fitness training.
  • The majority of USA paddlers use flexible options like 19K and 21K, or stiffer alternatives like 06K and 17K
  • Use a softer shaft for surfski, 19K or 21K, with plastic connectors for durability in salt water.
  • For marathon, long distance, we recommend the 19K
  • For sprinters, with their large blades, use the stiffest shafts, pros use most stiff, 02K, 03K, 04K
  • All youth paddles have specifically designed shafts with more flex such as the 10K
  • Down River paddles use the 18K shaft only
  • Preventing an injury? Go as soft as possible and also consider soft blades such as Carbon 60

How Deflection is Measured

Deflection is measured by hanging a weight from the shaft and measuring the deflection that occurs. Deflection is in mm and ranges from 1 to 6.5.

Braca paddle shaft stiffness, How deflection is measured

Least Flexible

Model: Deflection

02K: Stiffness = 2.5, 2.6 Sprinter Shaft

03K: Stiffness = 2.7, 2.8 Sprinter Shaft

04K: Stiffness = 2.9, 3.0 Sprinter Shaft

06K: Stiffness = 3.1, 3.2 Sprint, Flatwater Fitness, Mild Ocean

17K: Stiffness = 3.3, 3.4 Sprint, Marathon, Flatwater Fitness, Mild Ocean

19K: Stiffness = Medium 3.2 – 3.6 or Soft 4.5 -4.7 Sprint, Marathon, Fitness, Surfski

21K: Stiffness = Medium 5.2 – 5.4 or Soft 6.1 – 6.3 Fitness, Surfski – Smaller 28mm diameter

Most Flexible

Why 19K and 21K Shafts Were Developed

Braca has had flexible hybrid shafts for a while, 05K and 09K, blend of fiberglass and carbon. Before the 19K and latest 21K these were the most flexible shafts they offered, with the 17K being the softest all carbon shaft. Feedback from the Surfski community spearheaded by Oscar was there was a need a softer all carbon shaft that was light and has a very fast recovery unlike the hybrid kevlar/fiberglass shafts. Braca came out with the 19K which was the softest all carbon shaft available with only a couple of the hybrid shafts overall softer. Year and half ago, Oscar visited the Braca factory for a week and half and worked with them on developing an even softer all carbon shaft, the 21K. Braca manufactures their own carbon fiber that they actually sell to many industries outside of kayaking, and also manufactures all their own shafts.

So to make the 21K super flexible, while keeping it 100% carbon to maintain the quick recovery, Braca had to make the diameter smaller, 28mm. This allowed them to get the flex they wanted, super fast recovery and still meet their durability spec. Really cool shaft if you have not tried. I (Chris C.) personally love it in the ocean.

Choosing Connectors

Shafts are available in a combination of metal and plastic connectors (lockers). Stiffer shafts are used with metal lockers and more flexible surfski shafts are used with plastic lockers. In the middle, the athlete can select metal or plastic for the 19K. Plastic lockers are lighter, extremely durable, have angle settings for feathering, and are more resistant to saltwater corrosion. The memory lock option holds your feather angle when dismantled and reconnected and is available for all shafts and is primarily geared for flatwater sprinters for whom angle is critical.

More Shaft Considerations

The stiffness of the shaft can impact the paddle’s performance. Some paddlers prefer a stiffer shaft for maximum power and efficiency, while others may prefer a bit more flexibility for distance and comfort.

Varied Water Conditions

When paddling in different water conditions, like the ocean or river, where you might need to speed up to catch waves, stabilize yourself (bracing), or navigate through moving water, it’s essential to choose the right paddle shaft. The softest shafts, 21K and 19K, are specifically made for these unpredictable conditions, but you can also consider using a 17K. It’s important to note that the 19K and 21K shafts come with plastic connectors, while all other shafts have metal connectors that are susceptible to salt water. If you’re using a paddle with metal connectors, make sure to disassemble and rinse them after each use, especially if you’ve been paddling in saltwater.

Injury Prevention or Accommodation

For paddlers wanting to take it easy on their joints and reduce the risk of injury then the more flexible shafts are indicated. Both the older and younger folks can benefit from using more flexible setups to reduce stress and add shock absorption. This shift helps the shaft absorb more of the stress and shock, taking some of the load off your joints. You might lose a tiny bit of power, but it’s hardly noticeable unless you’re a top-tier paddler doing short sprints. Youth paddles have their own flexible shafts to protect young joints.


Custom Manufactured for Your Sport in Lithuania by Braca!

carbon shafts ready for cut to size

Shafts Ready for Cutting

In house manufacturing of all shafts

mandrills for shafts

Mandrils for Shafts

Details that create balance and performance

prepreg shafts

PrePreg Shafts

Material excellence

How to enter custom kayak paddle lengths2024-02-23T14:26:45+00:00

How to Order Adjustable Kayak Paddle Length

Paddle length for adjustable paddles is entered as a range. The range is the minimum plus 5 cm or 10 cm

Braca paddles are assembled to order using your custom paddle length. The shaft you select will have an adjustable range of 5 cm (stiffer shafts) or 10 cm (more flexible shafts). To assemble your paddle we need the shortest and longest length in cm. For example, a Braca IV with an 06K shaft might be 210 – 215 cm. A Braca XI with a 19K shaft might be 210 – 220 cm.

Shafts are cut from both ends to maintain balance.

We take your shaft length minimum and cut the shaft equally from each end.

An example of shafts extended

Shafts by range, 5 cm or 10 cm

Image showing ranges for custom paddle length depending on your choice of shafts

How to Order your Paddle Length

STEP 1 – After selecting blade type and size select your shaft.

Your blade choices will preselect the available shafts and they will display like this:

Shaft Stiffness on order form

Or maybe simpler like this:

STEP 2 – Enter custom paddle length.

You may have both 5 or 10 cm options:

Or just 5 cm for example:

Chart for Paddle Lengths

O2K through 17K are stiffer shafts and have 5 cm of range. 18K shafts are for Down river blades. 19K, 21K are all around shafts that may also be used on both surski and K1 so the extra range of 10 cm can accomodate different seat heights. 10K shafts are for the Carbon 60 blade and have 10 cm adjustment.

Shaft StiffnessAdjustable RangeSome Examples of Custom Paddle Lengths
Find your shaft valueThis is the range of the adjustable shaftThese are just examples, you can use any custom length!

02K, 03K, 04K, 06K, 17K, 18K

5 cm

203 – 208 cm

210 – 215 cm

215- 220 cm

19K, 21K, 10K

10 cm

205 – 215 cm

207 – 217 cm

210 – 220 cm

Shaft Stiffness

02K, 03K, 04K, 06K, 17K, 18K

Adjustable Range

5 cm

Some Examples of Custom Paddle Lengths

203 – 208 cm

210 – 215 cm

215- 220 cm

Shaft Stiffness

19K, 21K

Adjustable Range

10 cm

Some Examples of Custom Paddle Lengths

205 – 215 cm

207 – 217 cm

210 – 220 cm

What do the blade constructions mean?2024-03-18T21:13:24+00:00

Braca Blade Constructions

We carry every available blade type!

Blade Constructions


Our regular 100% carbon construction paddle

Extra Light

A lighter, stiffer version approx 20 to 100 g lighter than standard, popular choice for competitive


Edge of the blade is reinforced with Kevlar for durability for  rugged conditions, shallow water


Reinforced for reverse forces of bracing, current, quick direction changes in ocean and rivers


A softer, more forgiving performance blade, pair with a flexible shaft

Carbon 60

Durable, slightly heavier, softer blade, 60% carbon, at lower price, available only with Braca IV blade

Down River

Edge of the blade is reinforced with metal for very rocky severe conditions, special shaft 18K


Kevlar tipped for tougher conditions

Matte Black Surfski Paddle Soft shaft


For ocean or river with bracing and quick direction changes

metal-tipped down river blades, carbon fiber kayak paddle

Down river

Metal tipped blades and 18K down river shaft

Construction Choices for IV and XI Blades

  • Dark colors are in stock and will be expertly assembled and shipped and arrive within days.
  • Light colors can be ordered for the next shipment.

If Braca makes it you can get it!

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