29 July

Sunny Blackburn Challenge of 2018


The Blackburn Challenge is a historic race, an open water 20-mile circumnavigation of Cape Ann, Massachusetts.  The race celebrates the desperate winter row of two fishermen, Howard Blackburn and Thomas Welch,  who had been separated from their Schooner, The Grace L.

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29 July

Best Day in Braca History!


The 2018 ICF Canoe Sprint Junior and under 23 Worlds Championships are taking place right now at the Regatta Course in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Braca had their best day in history with 38 out of 42 medals! Congratulations to all the athletes!

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8 February

Youth Paddles – Canoe and K1


Braca-sport also makes youth-sized paddles in several configurations. There are a Childrens Canoe paddle and three Youth kayak paddles. The mechanics of the youth paddles are specifically designed to fit children's physiology and minimize paddling injuries.

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25 January

Kevlar Reinforcements Arrive


We got our first look at a Braca Marathon blade. Reinforced with a kevlar edge, they are designed for the challenging conditions in marathon kayaking, take a look.

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24 October

DK Rudders for Surfskis


Don Keisling manufactures custom rudders for all types of surf skis. The 4" and 7" are the most popular sizes ordered. FastPaddler is focused exclusively on Braca-paddles so we no longer stock DK rudders but we use them on all our boats.

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