• Braca XI Van Dusen ’92


    Sprint, Surfski, Marathon Racing Paddle

    The licensed Van Dusen design, 675 to 815.

    Braca XI Van Dusen '92 is the latest addition to the kayak wing paddle category. In response to high demand and requests from our team riders, BRAČA-SPORT® has licensed the Van Dusen design. The Braca XI blade boasts a special twisted teardrop shape that enhances its ability to achieve a powerful catch and a clean exit, ensuring a smooth and unique movement through the water. The Braca XI Van Dusen is finely tuned to deliver peak performance, offering efficient power across all cadences. It is our most widely utilized paddle in the USA and remains a favored choice among professional racers for Olympic Sprints, World Marathon Championships, and Surfski competitions. Marathon blades are specially reinforced with Kevlar tips, while Down River blades feature metallic tips. The edges of both types of blades are highly impact-resistant, making them suitable for use in extreme rocky conditions. metal tipped downriver paddle Newest sizes 805 and 720!


  • Innovative Tear-drop Model

    Bracsa VIII is based on an innovative blade concept. It was designed and engineered to facilitate a softer catch and the generation of smooth, precise, and consistent strokes. The Bracsa VIII makes an ideal first wing paddle for sea kayakers due to the soft catch and more forgiving forward stroke posture. Our VIII's are Bracsa VIII style as pictured (previous logo, same blade design) with new shafts. All Bracsa VIII have the newest model shafts with the latest locking mechanism. Paddles with the Bracsa label (as opposed to Braca) and a blacker finish are awesome deals, the exact same blade design but from older inventory, new, unused and in perfect condition. The Braca VIII blades are long, so it’s important to order a paddle that is long enough so you do not end up with a short inner shaft with your hands too close together. More info here. Email with any questions.

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