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  • Youth-sized Canoe Sprint

    *** US Club Price ***

    Brača Canoe Children is an exact copy of the Brača Canoe Uni 2000 with a proportionally smaller blade size. The proprietary material characteristics and mechanics of the paddle are specifically designed to fit children's physiology. We special ordered 10cm shafts to allow for maximum adjustability for growing athletes.
    • 10 cm of adjustment
    Child-focused design and materials allow absorption of impact from each paddle stroke, reducing shock on the shoulders, elbows, and wrists, ultimately decreasing common canoe injuries. Braca is a leader in designing paddles to address the needs of young athletes.


    Select Blade Width (cm)  and enter your desired 10 cm adjustable length
  • *** US Club Pricing ***

    Popular Canoe Sprint Model

    Brača Canoe Uni Extra Wide is the line of Brača canoe sprint paddles designed and engineered to enable a very quick and powerful catch. This design facilitates application of all the power at the beginning of the stroke (catch) and an effortless exit. canoe sprint paddles with splinecanoe extra wide paddle dimensions


    Select -  W1,W2   Blade Length - and then enter paddle length 5cm range
  • *** US Club Pricing ***

    Braca Canoe Paddle - Competitor's Favorite

    Braca Canoe Uni Super Fat is engineered to enable power at the catch. This braca canoe paddle design enables an athlete to apply power at the beginning of a stroke, with a smooth and quick catch, that is both efficient and powerful. Uni Super Fat is one of the most popular shapes for canoe sprint paddles and is available in a range of sizes to accommodate our athletes. Braca canoe paddles are engineered for power and also for injury prevention, the smooth catch absorbs entrance shock and the effortless exit also helps prevent hand and wrist stress.

    New Smaller Sizes - 19,18 48cm  and 20,19 48cm

    Canoe Super Fat Diagram of Spline Paddle Dimension Guide for Uni Super Fat paddle


    Select -  W1,W2   Blade Length - and then enter paddle length 5cm range
  • Lightweight Pogies for Sprint Canoe and Marathon

    The Braca quality shines through in these specialized canoe pogies, meticulously designed with canoe enthusiasts in mind. Engineered to provide superior dexterity, these pogies enable direct hand-to-paddle contact, ensuring a seamless paddling experience in cooler weather. These are the lightest form of cold weather protection deigned to provide warmth but not overheat. Each set includes a pogie tailored for the handle hand and another for the shaft hand. Crafted from durable ballistic nylon, these pogies strike the perfect balance between lightweight convenience and water resistance. These pogies represent the ultimate in minimalistic, yet effective gear for ICF canoe athletes.
  • Now available online!

    The Brača-Sport Canoe Wristband is the perfect aid for canoeists. It enables an athlete to tie the paddle to their hand, which reduces fatigue and prevents injuries.
    • Soft neoprene lining for maximum comfort
    • Strong Velcro® straps for secure mounting
    • Reduces lower arm fatigue and the risk of injuries
    • Prevents accidental slipping of the shaft from the athlete's hand
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