• Youth-sized Canoe Sprint

    *** US Club Price ***

    Brača Canoe Children is an exact copy of the Brača Canoe Uni 2000 with a proportionally smaller blade size. The proprietary material characteristics and mechanics of the paddle are specifically designed to fit children's physiology. We special ordered 10cm shafts to allow for maximum adjustability for growing athletes.
    • 10 cm of adjustment
    Child-focused design and materials allow absorption of impact from each paddle stroke, reducing shock on the shoulders, elbows, and wrists, ultimately decreasing common canoe injuries. Braca is a leader in designing paddles to address the needs of young athletes.


    Select Blade Width (cm)  and enter your desired 10 cm adjustable length
  • Youth-Sized, 50% Carbon, Wing Paddle

    Paddle of choice for young US Development Club Paddlers Braca Children is designed with the same tear-drop shape used in Braca I and Braca IV but proportionally reduced for youth.  This youth-sized paddle is manufactured with a carbon, fiberglass combination resulting in a paddle with more flex. These softer mechanics allow for less stress on young joints and muscles, reducing common kayaking injuries.  The youth shaft diameter is slightly smaller than the standard sized shafts. Also, consider the Braca IV Carbon 60 paddle in smaller sizes.  This is basically the same paddle as the Braca Children but with a choice of standard-diameter shafts.  Another great way to get Braca quality at a great price for young paddlers! We welcome a conversation about paddles with input from your child's coach. Email us at Info@FastPaddler.com to begin a dialogue, we will respond rapidly.


  • Braca IV Carbon 60


    Great 60% Carbon Paddle Option

    The Braca IV Carbon 60 paddle is a 60% carbon version of the world's most popular ICF sprint design, the Braca IV teardrop. It is specifically crafted for paddlers who favor a softer blade and shaft. With a more affordable price point compared to the standard IV model, the Carbon 60 provides an excellent balance of Braca's design expertise and enhanced durability.

    Braca Carbon 60 blades are paired with 10K shafts or 21K shafts and for larger blades also the 19K as an option.  All lengths are 10cm of adjustment and are durable plastic lockers. *** US Development Club Discount Available - Add Club name in order comments, discount will be refunded after club verified.  Also provide athlete's name for paddle label.  *** 

    How to enter the Paddle Length

    Enter a 10 cm range (ex: 207-217 cm) 


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