• Lightweight for Canoe

    Braca quality is apparent in these canoe pogies designed especially for canoe. Canoe pogies are designed for maximum dexterity by allowing direct hand contact with a paddle. The set has a pogie for the handle hand and a pogie for the shaft hand. The material is ballistic nylon, lightweight and water resistant.  These are the lightest form of cold weather protection.
  • Now available online!

    The Brača-Sport Canoe Wristband is the perfect aid for canoeists. It enables an athlete to tie the paddle to their hand, which reduces fatigue and prevents injuries.
    • Soft neoprene lining for maximum comfort
    • Strong Velcro® straps for secure mounting
    • Reduces lower arm fatigue and the risk of injuries
    • Prevents accidental slipping of the shaft from the athlete's hand
  • Designed for Training and Competition

    The BRAĆA-SPORT® Performance Thermal Shirt is engineered for high-performance workouts and competition and offers a unique balance between zoned thermal compression and ventilation.  The shirt is designed to be sleek fitting, comfortable and ventilating. In addition, featuring a unique knitted fabrics structure, these garments have great warmth insulation properties and are light, soft and have a great body fit. The super soft material is made for racing but you will want to wear it all day.
    • Provides enhanced airflow, breathable.
    • Transports moisture away from the body.
    • Stay cool during intense competition.
    Sizes are Unisex, see chart below.


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