Braca Spray Skirts


Spray Skirts Designed for Racing Kayaks

Perfect Fit for K1 Kayaks

Braca-Sport Spray Skirts are meticulously crafted to ensure a dry cockpit, whether you’re training or competing in any weather conditions. Renowned for their exceptional quality, these skirts have gained widespread popularity among kayak paddling athletes.

The Racing Spray Skirt has a  tight fit for all racing boat cockpits which minimizes water pooling and knee contact. Long Velcro tabs let you adjust the circumference for a perfect fit. Available in two waist sizes: S/M (for under 35-inch waist) and L/XL (for 35-inch waist and larger). Four colors: BLACK, RED, WHITE, BLUE

Sizing Racing:  S/M <<  35 inch waist  >>  L/XL



Exceptional K1 Spray Skirts from Braca-sport

Designed for K1, Nelo Viper, and other racing and touring kayaks.

Brača-Sport kayak spray skirts are designed to keep the cockpit dry during competition and training in all weather conditions.  Due to the excellent fit and high-quality materials, these spray skirts are extremely popular with competitive kayakers.  The racing fit is designed for K1 and other ICF boats for example Nelo Cinco and Sete.  Touring spray skirts have a more forgiving fit and work for a wide range of touring and sea kayaks.

  • Features a wide comfortable neoprene and Velcro® adjustable waistband.
  • Durable mid-weight nylon is coated for total water resistance.
  • The strong bungee rim gripping system secures the skirt firmly to the cockpit.
  • Double-stitched construction with sealed seams ensures long-lasting wear and water resistance.



What is a spray skirt?

A spray skirt is a specialized accessory used in kayaking to keep water out of the kayak’s cockpit. It is made of waterproof or water-resistant and durable material.  They are designed to fit snugly around the cockpit rim and the paddler’s waist.

The spray skirt is typically worn by the kayaker, and it covers the opening of the cockpit, preventing water from entering the kayak during paddling. This is especially important in rough water conditions or when performing maneuvers that involve leaning the kayak or rolling it over. Our spray skirts are designed for K1 racing and touring.  They are not whitewater spray skirts. Braca K1 spray skirts have the same high quality as all Braca products.

There are different types of spray skirts available for kayaks, depending on the type of kayak and the activity. Our spray skirts are specifically designed for racing and touring kayaks to keep athletes dry, and keep water from entering the cockpit. Some spray skirts are designed for whitewater kayaking and are built to withstand the force of waves and currents, while others are designed for touring kayaks and are made to provide more comfort and ventilation during long trips.

Overall, a spray skirt is an important accessory for kayakers who want to stay dry, comfortable, and fast while paddling in races, touring, or challenging water and weather conditions.



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