FastPaddler is excited to announce we are officially a Factory Direct, USA distributor, of  BRAČA-SPORT® Paddles!  We received our first 50 paddles, accessories and optional shafts in Spring of 2017 and due to the excellent demand we expanded our online offerings.

To start, we focused on the new Braca XI Van Dusen 92, fully licensed from Ted Van Dusen, as well as the proven Braca IV – a great all round paddle.  The XI Van Dusen was really the paddle that led us to working with Braca on becoming a dealer.  About  a year and half ago I was fortunate to get one of the few XI paddles that made it to the US.  It quickly became my paddle of choice, but when I went to acquire additional sizes and shaft options found it difficult to find them in the US.  As more and more paddlers tried my XI, quickly became apparent there was a demand to make Ted’s legendary design available to others in the US.  Another great outcome of Braca licensing and building the XI is the expanded choice of sizes.   Anyone who has tried, or owned one of the original Van Dusen paddles, knows they only came in large or very large blades – primarily sized for sprinting.  Braca has 7 sizes available to cover the entire range from a 200m sprinter to a light-weight marathon paddler.

Our online store has XI, IV, one-piece and Surf Ski options.  We also offer SUP, Dragon, Canoe Polo and Canoe Outrigger Paddles.

We have VI, VII, VIII and IX paddles for demo.  We can also order any paddle/shaft available from BRAČA-SPORT®.

Visit our Braca Paddle USA page for more paddle information.





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