How Carbon Becomes a Braca-sport Paddle

On his latest trip to the Braca-sport factory, Oscar Chalupsky took some detailed videos showing several of the steps of the process.  Braca-sport paddles are manufactured in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Filament Winding Machine

This video shows the process of 3 axis filament winding around the shaft.  Five shafts are wound at a time, the machine traverses the length of the spinning shaft, applying resin dipped filament.  At each end, the filament is wound around a catch to reverse and continue.

Applying Resin to Filament

The video shows dry filament getting resin impregnated, a very thin resin is applied to the fiberglass tow that is used to wind around shafts.

Carbon Filament Shaft

Amazing precision of the carbon filament winding onto a prepreg shaft.

Shaping Foam Cores

Using a CNC machine, multiple paddles are shaped at one time.

A Few More Images From Production